What To Watch While Quarantined

These days we all know the drill after Coronavirus took over, stayed home, and stayed home. All right, then we follow the rules and count the tiles on the floor to pass the boredom. It just lasts so long, unfortunately, until we have been back in the position to pull out our hair. Fortunately, this is why we have to give you the best Netflix shows you’ve been able to watch right now. Take some popcorn and some other snacks you may like, and get ready for these shows because we will rock your house. This might bring some motivation to you and your child.



source: Netflix

This first Netflix is a family comedy that centers on a boy with autism, who navigates the world of school, teachers, and relatives. It provides one of the most detailed examples of the disease and is an outstanding collection for all ages.

Locke & Key


This thriller Netflix PG 13 will take you to a magical adventure world that will allow you to rescue your mommy from your seats. Or we’re infants over here. Like that. This display, however, is enticing and distracts your mind from the turmoil of the COVID-19. Pay attention, some keys around your home can call to you. What we are talking about is confused? You will wait, I suppose, to find out.


TOY BOY netflix-parentingadvisory | What to watch

Source: Netflix

This first Spanish Netflix is all the TV play we want. It is writing, charming, and scandalous, which means our eyes will be completely untouched. This Latin drama should keep you on track, regardless of whether you know the Spanish language or not. So come and watch Hugo on his quest to prove his innocence after seven years in jail for killing his lover’s boyfriend. And it is certainly impossible to avoid looking because of the infinite number of attractive guys. Good Luck!


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