The Layman’s Guide To Car Insurance Quotes

You can also find detailed insurance coverages, plans, and deductibles. Using handy calculators, you can weigh up the different plans available.


The more traditional route is to use insurance agents. Despite the advent of the Internet, agents are still popular. After all, they are a tried and tested method. You’ll find two kinds of agents that you can enlist.

One is a captive agent. They can only offer you quotes from a single insurer. If you’ve already decided on your insurer, these agents are an excellent choice. They can analyze your needs and come up with the perfect plan.

The other route is to use an independent agent. Sure, you are unlikely to get tailor-made policies. But independent agents shine in a different aspect. They can get you car insurance quotes from different insurers. Then, they can suggest the best ones for you to pick. These agents are fantastic if you’re unsure of your final insurer.

What makes a great car insurance quote?

 Alright, now you know how to look for a car insurance quote. Now we’ll tell you what makes one excellent.

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1) Competitive Pricing

Let’s face it. You’ve felt tempted by that ultra-low premium at least once. You’ve heard your friends talk about the “deal” they got from a cheap car insurance quote. But allow us to stop that train of thought.

Cheap doesn’t mean good. What you should look for is competitive pricing. Why? Often, cheap quotes have inadequate insurance coverage. You might have to spend out of your pocket in the end. That’s why you need a competitive insurance quote.