Five Food You Think Are Healthy But Aren’t


It’s not only deceiving to find that some of the “healthy” foods we buy are very bad for us. Nobody loves to turn the pedals, but many of us waste too much time and energy on making good food decisions that contribute to us. We all know that we should maintain a healthy eating habit, but how many of us really maintain it?

None of us wants to make this error so it is important to get acquainted with traditional fast foods that are mistaken as nutritious foods.

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Here are five important ones to know:

1. Granola


Granola is a balanced snack and it appears real at first glance. Unfortunately, oatmeal usually contains harmful glyphosate . the key ingredient in Roundup added to the California list of chemical products considered by the state to be cancer. (It is made with oatmeal, dried fruits, or nuts, right?)

Granola can be a sugar bombshell by combining dried fruit and additional sugar sources like honey, maple syrup, and cocoa sugar. Even the negative news isn’t it. If you stick with organic goods without adding sugar or making your own granola at home fast!

2. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

“But the protein is good! “A Greek yogurt lover’s chorus yells. Greek yogurt, with about 19 grams of protein per serving, is high in protein. It contains even healthy bacteria that can support the gastrointestinal tract.

Yet orogens are of interest when you eat cow’s milk yogurt daily. Studies have shown that hormones can affect the endocrine system in milk products, and that yogurt is sadly one of the most popular suppliers of milk products in the United States.

Look for foods not modified by the hormone when buying yogurt. Purchase yogurt made from organic ingredients such as almonds, oats, or cashew The five-ounce yogurt jar will also contain up to 25 grams of sugar, and much of the sugar comes from added sugars, according to the Harvard T. H. Chan Channel School of Public Health. While you are on the aisle of yogurt, follow your advice and, ‘If you see sugar or other sugar in the list of four main ingredients, try using a low-sugar yogurt or use a natural yogurt that comes with fresh fruit from your own source. Or a sweetheart drizzle.

3. Salad (with Dressing)


When you talk about healthy eating habits, the first photo in my head is definitely a salad. And, indeed, most salads are good. That said, you really should be mindful of the dressing you use, which can seriously damage your food’s health. Dressing of salads is a wonderful secret source of sugar and toxic oils like soya oil, maize oil, and canola oil.

You want it simply because you don’t have anything bad to counteract the balanced meal? Ask for olive oil, a slice of lemon, and salt and pepper the next time you’re at the salad bar. If you eat at home, you can use home-made dressings, instead of shopping, try one of these new, simple salad dressing recipes. You better ask and you’ll know what’s going on there exactly.

4. Carbonated Water

Carbonated Water

Don’t worry, Pellegrin lovers. Not all water sparks are classified as ‘unhealthy.’ The word ‘natural flavors’ is what you want from the ingredient list of these items to keep an eye on. You can find it in many fan-friendly carboxylate beverages.

And what are our preferences for a healthy eating habit exactly? Nobody’s absolutely certain. The FDA describes the term, but in the description, there are holes that literally blur the distinction between artificial and natural tastes. The Environmental Working Group found that unidentified mixtures of up to 100 flavored ingredients, solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives may be artificial and natural flavorings, according to an evaluation paper.

Basically, it does not mean a thing or food which is safe or free of artificial additives. The food is certainly not.

In order to ensure that you know exactly what the liquid you want to maintain a healthy eating habit, purchase clear labels with the flavoring agents that you are using. Spindrift seas, for example, are made with a drop with truly squeezed fruit.

5. Red Wine

Red Wine

Thousands of publications stating that red wine is “safe” show a fast internet search. While it includes antimicrobials such as resveratrol, it is far from being a good food to drink with abandon. Resveratrol findings are mixed, according to the Mayo Clinic. “Resveratrol can be related in some studies to a lower risk of inflammation and blood clotting, which may minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, other research showed a little benefit for the prevention of heart disease from resveratrol, “they wrote. Red wine also contains a lot of sugar and includes alcohol, which can have highly poisonous effects.

Yeah, tests have found you can support your health one to two drinks a day, but others have proven that no amount of alcohol is safe for your health, and only one drink a day will increase the risk of other illnesses such as mom cancer.

Looking for a needle in a heifer can also be like seeking something that is not safe. However, they are there! The trick is to make the ingredient list a challenging reader and find brands who can seek to stick to easy, actual ingredients harder and harder.


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