Five Food You Think Are Healthy But Aren’t


It’s not only deceiving to find that some of the “healthy” foods we buy are very bad for us. Nobody loves to turn the pedals, but many of us waste too much time and energy on making good food decisions that contribute to us.

None of us wants to make this error so it is important to get acquainted with traditional fast foods that are mistaken as nutritious foods.

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Here are five important ones to know:

11. Granola


Granola is sold as a balanced snack for a long time. And it appears real at first glance. Unfortunately, the study shows also that oatmeal normally contains harmful glyphosate, the key ingredient in Roundup which is added to the California list of chemical products considered by the state to be cancer. (It is made with oatmeal, dried fruits or nuts, right?)

Granola can be a sugar bombshell by combining dried fruit and additional sources of sugar like honey, maple syrup, and cocoa sugar. Even the negative news isn’t it. If you stick with organic goods without adding sugar or making your own granola at home fast!



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