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Education in Early Childhood-parenting advisory
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Education is one of the five basic needs of life. It regulates human behavior and mentality. A person is wild if he is not properly educated. He also suffers in the long run in different ways.
In our society, education is mentioned primarily as the weapon for making a living. But in the truest sense, education goes beyond that. It is impossible to resolve the need and importance of education.
Since childhood is the basic phase of life, from birth to 8 years old, it is the most vulnerable and crucial moment for a person. It is also the time for a person to complete their basic training. There is a saying: the stronger the base, the taller the building. If one can have good directions in his youth, he must never be lost in the long run.
However, it is said that most of our children do not receive proper early and primary education, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Today, in this content, we will talk about improved methods of early childhood education that can improve our children’s concepts in the first place.

Why is early education so important?

The first years (0 to 8 years) are the most extraordinary phase of growth and development in a child’s life. The basis of all learning is established in these years. Finding the right basis has great advantages for the future: better learning at school and in higher education, which generates great social and economic benefits for society. Research shows that high-quality early learning, early childhood education and early childhood development (ECA) help to reduce the risk of early school leaving and renewed crime, as well as improving outcomes at all levels of the economy.

The principal role payer in early childhood education

Education in Early Childhood-parenting advisory
Source: Google

As it is impossible for children (0 to 8 years old) to attend school, parenting is the most important role that can help children complete their basic education. Under parental supervision, children should be encouraged to participate in many activities, such as sports, traveling, singing, drawing, swimming, attending local meetings and making new friends and having lots of fun times that are important for a child’s spiritual growth. These activities not only bring you joy but also add behavioral and mental structures that help you live his life with confidence and joy.
There is no better teacher than the parents. They are the best guide for their children. Without there good advice and support, a child can never be mentally strong and gentle in his behavior. They must be very careful with their children at all times to not do anything illegal or unusual because the child’s brain is so acute that it can absorb any activity or word that is said. It is a general issue that can teach a child a sweet lifestyle.

Organizations working to improve early childhood education

There are many types of people across the world. Some are poor, others are rich, some are middle class and some are lower middle class. But there are no classes for children then why shouldn’t all of them get the same education? The government of each state is taking initiatives to ensure a good education as well as heath both for mothers and children.
Even some global organizations are taking steps to enable early childhood education. Some countries offer a pre-school system. The main motto is health and education for both children.
Some organizations that have already brought light to the sector are:
1. Association for the International Education of Children.
2. International education
5. Plan internationally

Some important ways to improve early childhood education

Parental care is the only important thing for a child at that age. They must be aware of their children, be careful and helpful. Some instructions, such as the following, should be followed:

1.Healthy diet:

Food is the only way for a child to get his daily nutrition. For the physical and mental growth of a child, food plays the most vital role. That’s why he should be supplied with a balanced diet. A newly born baby is to be fed with breast milk only up to the age of 6 months and should be fed with other nutritious food like vegetables, protein-containing foods like fishes, meats, dairy milk, etc on the side of breast milk up to 2 years of age. Food and feeding should never be delayed. He should be fed with a variety of nutritious foods as much as possible.

2. Say positive, act positively:

Children always learn from what they see and what they hear. If something negative is said to them, they learn and say negative things in the future. Therefore, negative words that say no, no, never or words that express anger should be avoided. Family disputes between parents, neighbors, and friends should be avoided from a child because of his positive intellectual growth.

The positive attitude of the parents affects the child the most. Therefore, parents should be very careful about their behavior.

3. Always be courageous:

Children constantly make many mistakes. They know almost nothing, actually nothing. They are also easily overlooked. Even after they have been taught and after several successful attempts, they make the same mistakes. Just because they make mistakes, the parent or teacher should never be disappointed or angry. This makes the child shy and afraid, leading to a behavioral disorder in the child’s future. Parents should always be courageous and support all the child’s mistakes. They need to introduce new tasks and topics in which their children make mistakes and learn from them.

4. Meet new people:

Parents are best known for their children. Children generally prefer to remain on their mother’s lap. For the child to discover the world and its inhabitants, he must know his environment at an early stage. It must be introduced to your family and neighbors. This creates a social mentality in a child, which leads to the construction of a mentality to overcome new obstacles in the future too.

5. Extracurricular activity:

Each person is special and can perform certain activities in the best way. Childhood is the best time to discover what that child can be capable of. It is a time when you can understand his potential. Therefore, he must be involved in various extracurricular activities. He must be let to sing, draw, play, read, and do other productive activities where he finds joy and passion.

6. Answering questions:

Childhood is the child’s most curious moment. This is the moment when he wants to know everything he sees and thinks. He asks a lot of questions about his unknowns. These questions are very expensive. The answer to his questions remains in his head forever. The answer to his question can also influence his behavior. Therefore, parents must be positive, polite, and informative when answering the questions their children ask them.

7. Visit new places:

A child should be introduced to new places, such as large rivers, lakes, zoos, parks, traveling spots, mountains, ocean beaches, book fairs, ceremonies, and local meeting places. This helps him to know about the outside world, increases his experience, knowledge, and curiosity to learn more. The interaction with nature expands his mind and also brings peace. It also helps to improve his thinking skills and develop new ideas in the future.

8. Spend as much time as possible:

The family is a child’s most important and well-known face. He feels more comfortable with his parents in general. Parents should save as much time as possible to spend with their children. The more time you spend with your child, the more time you will have to care for him, and the more you will be able to teach him about life. If a child loses his parents’ company, he is more likely to plunge into the outside world, where he learns criticism and bad deeds. Therefore, parents should be careful about what their children do when they are present, even when they are absent.


There are many activities that parents should introduce to their children. This should be done to improve the child at an early age. Even some parents do not feel the need for better education in early childhood, they are more likely to suffer abnormal behavior from their children at a certain age. There is no compliment of parents accompany for a better future and healthy spiritual growth of a child. Therefore, parents must be very careful and attentive to their children, as they suffer more when their children if they do not provide an adequate education.

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