CORONA OR COVID – 19, How we can save ourselves from it!

1. Wear a Face Mask

Using a face mask is able to protect you from viruses or dirt while you are in a gathering of people who can save you from coronavirus preliminarily. Keep at least a 3 feet gap from other people in the crowded place. However, you don’t have to wear a face mask if you’re not ill unless you have a corona patient around you.

2. Wash your Hands

Next, for at least 20 seconds, we can wash our hands frequently with hand wash liquid or soap and water. You can sing a Happy Birthday Song while washing your hands. The countdown for 20 seconds could be easier in this way. You should wash your hands whenever you are in a crowded place or when you scratched your nose, coughing or sneezing.

3. Cover your Nose

You should cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or wipe or with your elbow whenever you cough and sneeze. It helps to rescue others from the germ that comes outside through cough and sneeze.

4. Use Hand Sanitizer

Use a hand sanitizer with at 60 percent higher alcohol if soap and water are not readily available. Cover and rub the hands so that they feel warm.

5. Don’t Touch yourself Without Washing

Stop using dirty hands to brush your hair, nose, and mouth. After coming from outside, never touch your mouth or nose without washing properly.


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