CORONA OR COVID – 19, How we can save ourselves from it!

How does it spread?

COVID-19 transfers through cough molecules, sneezes and bodily fluids from person to person. COVID-19 was detected and has been confirmed as a pandemic by people around the world. This is believed that the virus transfers mostly from person to person. It transfers easily among people in direct contact with each other who don’t maintain a minimum gap of 3 feet between them. It can also spread shortly by someone’s breathing droplets or when he/she cough or sneeze.

Signs of COVID-19

COVID-19 signs include – Cough – Fever – Breathing difficulties – Sore Throat  – Tiredness This can be extreme, causing death in some cases.

Remedies for a COVID-19 patient

– Take enough rest and sleep – Keep warm in the patient’s room – Drink plenty of liquids (warm water, saline, fruit juices) – Eat fruits contains Vitamin-C – Avoid cold foods Use a room cleanser or a warm bath to help relieve a sore throat and coughing

How we can protect ourselves from COVID-19

There is no particular cure for the virus as of yet. Patients who are sick from COVID-19 will be provided with interventions of support: those that alleviate symptoms. Specific treatment options can exist for serious cases like clinical drugs and therapeutics. One should take these following steps to protect himself/herself:


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