5 Simple Tips On How To Talk With Kids About The Corona Virus

Coronavirus impacts all of us. The kids of the planet are vulnerable to sickness, quarantine, or likely to separation. 30 million children in the United States alone are at great risk, dependent upon the school for both schooling and health. Today, your gift will help Save the children and our No Kid Hungry affiliate and make sure they have the funding they need for classrooms and outreach programs.


You are not alone. You are not alone. We provide parents, schools, and societies with information and guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) and babies, the world’s leading childhood specialist. We work together to protect our babies, whatever it takes. This is how to direct your child’s conversation.

  • Make your behavior on a child-based basis – decide whether more or less nervous details would cause you.
  • Ask what your kid knows, answer your questions, and respond to any misinformation.
  • Confirm your feelings and remind you – “This could be disturbing I understand. We take action to remain safe and we are happy.
  • Remind them of all that they can – they vigorously and always wash their faces, cough and sneeze into their arm, sleep enough, etc.
  • Model good hygiene, and try to make it fun! Sing a favorite song while scrubbing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

For more information on coronaviruses and how Save children’s teams do our best to prepare for safe and happy babies, to know more please click here



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