They May Be Small, But These US Towns are Perfect for Budget Travelers


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The Budget Travel website aims to provide visitors in the country with the details they need to visit various locations in America with the lowest possible price. In brief, the trip across the country with a limited budget. Every year they travel a long distance to visit a lot of small cities in the USA so so that they can list what they call the ten best little towns in the United States.

This is especially useful for tourism in small towns, as visitors seem to choose towns that are famous to bigger in the world. And wouldn’t you like to visit a little bit cool, not too busy, a town that is not hard on your pockets if you’re going with a budget?

Beacon, New York

Beacon, New York, is one of America’s best cities. You’d actually be shocked if you hadn’t heard of the location because it operates in New York. Beacon is situated at the foot of the mountain and protected by the Hudson River and has water cases. Its position will be enough to draw visitors.

Pete Seeger, a folk artist, played a significant role in purifying the polluted Hudson River and getting fame back into his birthplace, was the most famous person who has ever lived here.

Bannerman Castle
Bannerman Castle

Dia Beacon

You can visit the Dia: Beacon Art Gallery, the art museum, which is the home of the Dia Art Foundation art collection if you wonder what you can do in a small town like Beacon you don’t worry anymore, because there are many things you can enjoy, especially if you love art. Originally a paper mill, it was revamped in the 1960s and 1970s to become the home for visual artwork.

The Dia: Beacon is said to have carried some of the works of visual arts which were too big for the Guggenheim and the MoMa museum. When opened in 2003, art collectors and enthusiasts could not resist visiting the massive museum. Why wouldn’t, because it’s the venue where prominent works of art are shown, including Andy Warhol’s Shadows? It was said that it would take a few hours for the entire factory-turning gallery to complete a tour.


Bannerman Castle

Apart from Dia: Beacon, Bannerman Castle is another highlight of the region. This is a spotlight, obviously, and when you see it, you may think, “What is a Scottish castle doing in a small town like Beacon? It was an archive for the 1st Army and Navy store built-in 1916, which used to be part of Francis Bannerman. When Bannerman died, the estate was later acquired by the state of New York and left to his son.

It had burned down in 1969 and reconstruction efforts are still ongoing. However, the fire did not erase the Scottish castle’s charm to visitors. But you should go kayaking on the Hudson River. Consider this especially in the summer if visiting an old castle and art gallery is not yours. You will do so by visiting the Long Dock Park Kayak Pavilion, which, unexpectedly, won an American Architects’ Institute Award. It was for the elegance of the port back in 2013.


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