The Best Free Wheelin Adventures in America


A not-to-be-missed trail for this addictive activity is Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument and Peekaboo. Spooky Gulch Loop in Utah, divided into 3-mile stretches, has a host of arches, ravines, and slots to explore over the 3-hour walk/climb.

Deepwater soloing

Deepwater Soloing is basically rock climbing without the burden (and expenses) of any safety gear – and it’s basically just you, the rocks and gushing water below. One such perfect venue to host the adventurer in you is the expansive shoreline of Lake Powell.


Lake Placid, New York, in autumn may sound gloomy but you can go trail-running around the lake and discover the pathways that meander through 6 million acres of forest land in the Adirondack Mountains regions, just as the sky goes grey and the leaves all change their colors.


Bandon-by-the-Sea in Oregon is known for its fantastic beaches and is also proudly known as the storm chasing capital of the world. When the storms approach, it’s serene beaches transform itself into a flurry of wave- and wind-whip scene, while the Pacific rages on as winter approaches. To be safe, watch all the action from the comforts of the sand spires and stacks on Bullards Beach.


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