Spending A Night At Mount Everest Base Camp


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  • Mount Everest Base Camp altitude: 5,200 m (17,060 ft)
  • 20 km to the north of Mount Everest summit
  • Nomad tents and tent hostels are open from April to November
  • 4 hours off-road driving to get there

4A night at Mount Everest Base Camp in Nomad tents

Mount Everest-parenting-advisory2

The tents of the hostel look like typical Nomad tents. Most nomads already stay on their yaks in Tibet, and this is the common way of living on Mount Everest. There are 10 beds together in one room in each tent, and you have to sleep together. In the winter, it can be cold with heavy winds at 5,200 meters above sea level. So wear a comfortable dress and wear cozy blankets at the tent hostel.

There are no real toilets, so you have to go outside to see Mount Everest, isn’t it special? You can order a home-cooked Chinese or Tibetan food at the hostel. Tea is also available.

The sickness of altitude is a common occurrence in high altitudes such as Mount Everest Base Camp. Although some people will occasionally feel nothing. Some others do not. But one thing is clear, be prepared, and take it seriously. Take medications and water, you are 6 hours away from the closest hospital.


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