Five Great European Destinations for Budget Travelers


Europe is just a fast plane trip for us American ordinary citizens, but at the end of our journey, we usually leave a large hole in our pockets. All are crying out to see the capital of France or the magnificent islands of Greece … Within this continent, there is certainly a lot of variety. The better news is that a number of common nations still exist, which may not be an easy option for many travelers, but they have more expensive experiences than their cheaper counterparts. You will travel to the countries here if you want to travel to Europe on a budget

4Moldova: the road less traveled


Moldova must be one of Europe’s most neglected traveling countries – only about 12,000 tourists a year. What do they come to see? What do they see? Luxuriant acres of sunflowers, convents, and the largest wine cellar in the world … what can’t you love? Moldova, once ruled by Russia, prospered after independence. Even, in the capital of Chişinău, you can enjoy a reasonably priced cuppa while strolling in its tree-lined parks, Russian architecture balls are noticeable.

What would you get 10 dollars in Moldova? How about a 3-course meal in the best mommy and pop restaurants with wine? Try their stews with polenta dish (local name mămăligă) with beer that’s just 3 dollars or just order a bottle of wine that’s $10 a special find in Europe!


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