“Parenting” – What does it mean!

We always hope for the ending to be well and it does eventually. But, it should be always like how it started. It’s just because sometimes we don’t have the proper understanding of our role. Parenting is the greatest responsibility with pride and self-satisfaction. This is the point where we start to get lost. It’s not about teaching, it’s about guiding. There is a very little differences. It’s about supporting and making recommendation, not enforcing the actions. We have to be selfless not selfish. When you produce something it should be one step better than you. It’s a very rude or cruel thing to say to any parent but, it’s close to crime to parent a human mind.

You shouldn’t make any decision for your child. You should just provide the insight and the results of the actions. They should be free to choose and able to make the decisions judging the outcome.

We have to be very honest and straight. It’s not about being correct. It’s about being right. If you know something, answer it. If you don’t know, admit and show the right direction. You shouldn’t influence their decision. Also you need to protect them from the external influences as well. The society will try to slope them with a format but life should be free. What they need is a friend not a ruler. Your child is not your property. It just came through you but, not yours only.

If you make a decision for them and try to enforce they will act against you when they got the taste of a more pleasant alternative. Which might right not be good for them. It’s the nature of human mind. That’s why they should make their own decision. Whatever you say you have to mean it. Otherwise4 they will not trust. There is no guaranty that you are more intelligent than your child.


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