“Parenting” – What does it mean!

Meaning of parenting:

At first you must understand what the word “Parenting” itself stands for. The foundation or beginning is very important. So, let’s be very specific before we explore! One must know what the purpose is. If we don’t know where the destination is, we might always take the wrong way.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Parent”? How you feel about your father and Mother or someone who raised you. Not to follow but to understand what they did and why they did. Honestly, it depends on your age.

If we break down Human life by its age or lifetime, we can recognize twelve stages depending on the realization and contribution. Nine stages, if we strictly consider the age only. Obviously it’s not something like unbreakable law and we are not the creator of the human race. Not every human has the same realization at a particular point of life. We are the different and evolve differently throughout our whole life. That is the most beautiful thing about humans and that is what makes us unique. We will explain in depth Some day.

spend-time-with-your-childDuring your early childhood from 3-6 years duration you see someone who will answer all of your questions. Someone, who will company you, participate and tell you “how” & “why” not “what”. Just like a very dear friend.

Now, this relation can stay the same always through lifetime. But, we are humans and we are misguided by our emotions. Due to our actions and behavior, this relation changes dramatically.


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