How to Take Care of Your Children, If You Are Infected by COVID-19


Parenting is not an easy task to do, especially when it comes to taking care of multiple kids. You may need the help of caregivers, relatives, friends, and your partner for children’s care support.
The coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health. As for the parents, it has become a mind-numbing task to take care of their children so that they don’t get infected.
But what if you are the one who is infected by COVID-19? How can you deal with this problem and care for your kids at the same time? Read on to find the answers to all your questions.

COVID-19 Affecting Adults and Children
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COVID-19 Affecting Adults and Children

About 4.85 million people and their families in 190 countries are now suffering from this global pandemic- SARS-CoV-2. While people of any age can get infected by COVID-19, children are less likely to become severely ill. They don’t suffer from respiratory distress or show other severe symptoms.
With age, our immune systems change, making us stronger or weaker in different ways. Our bodies become more vulnerable to diseases like this one. That’s why adults are more likely to show severe symptoms of COVID-19 than children.
You should not ignore any safety measures just because they are less likely to get infected. This is because, over the last few weeks, over 100 cases of children being hospitalized with severe symptoms have been reported.

A Guide to Taking Care of Children When Infected by COVID-19
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A Guide to Taking Care of Children When Infected by COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has stripped the children’s caregiver network from us. Whether you are already suffering from this grave illness or not, you need to make some plans in advance. To help you with that, we have mentioned some essential measures that you need to take while being sick. Check them out!

Choose a Caregiver
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1. Choose a Caregiver

Let’s suppose that both you and your partner are infected, or you are a single parent suffering from the disease. You may need to get hospitalized. For situations like this, you have to designate a caregiver. But you cannot just choose anyone to take care of your kids, especially the older ones.
As older individuals are at higher risk of SARS-CoV-2 complications and mortality, you should not choose someone of older age. Talk to your siblings, cousins, or even friends and let them take the best care of your child.
You can even make an advanced plan of who’s going to take care of your children.
● Identify the people who really can take care of your kids
● Select Someone who is not in a high-risk population
● Collect the contact information of the potential caregivers

Isolate Yourself While Staying at Home
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2. Isolate Yourself While Staying at Home

If you are not severely ill, you don’t need to get hospitalized for suffering from this disease. You can stay at home if your children don’t have asthma. But that does not mean you can freely do whatever you want in the house; you must isolate yourself!
While you stay at home, you need to separate your belongings from the rest. It would be best if you kept your dishes separate as well as sleep in a different room. Encourage your children to use hand sanitizers and wash their hands frequently and do so yourself as well. You need to follow these boundaries until you are at a low risk of transmission.
Keep in mind that the transmission risk is highest in the initial days of the illness. The symptoms are more noticeable in the first few days. It’s better to isolate yourself in this period completely.

Get Some Rest and Take Care of Yourself
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3. Get Some Rest and Take Care of Yourself

It’s as crucial for you to take care of yourself as taking care of your children. If you don’t take much rest and stress over children’s care, you will be less likely to become well soon. You need proper rest and sleep.
Don’t skip your meals and medicines, exercise daily to keep the stress away. The sooner you get well, the better. If you have a caregiver at home, let them take 100% responsibility for your kids. In the meantime, you should take time for yourself to recover soon.

Encourage Your Children to Follow Safety measures in covid-19
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4. Encourage Your Children to Follow Safety measures

While distancing yourself, you should make sure that your children are following all the safety measures. Try to set some examples. Tell your kids’ the caregiver to promote hygienic practices among them. They should distance themselves from you, keep themselves clean, and wash their hands frequently.
Tell your caregiver to explain why they need to wash their hands and keep themselves clean. You and the caregiver should also encourage them to stay active to maintain healthy mental and physical conditions.

Keep Children Healthy
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5. Keep Children Healthy

Just because they are at less risk does not mean they can’t get affected by it. They need to follow all the safety measures to keep themselves healthy.
Tell your children to follow these safety rules strictly- avoid public transportation, maintain at least 1 meter of distance from people, wear protective gear, masks, and others when going outside; avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and wash their hands.

Monitor Your Children for Any Signs of the Illness
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6. Monitor Your Children for Any Signs of the Illness

You should remember that COVID-19 may show different signs in different people. As you are already suffering from this disease, your children may somehow get infected by it too. If your kids show any symptoms of the disease, you should contact the doctor for good.

Monitor Your Children for Any Signs of the Illness
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Most of us are quite anxious about getting infected by COVID-19. As a parent suffering from this disease, you might be more stressed and anxious than the rest of us. After all, you have to take care of yourself as well as take care of your kids.
Hopefully, this article will make your parenting journey much easier during this tough time by providing some insights about how to take care of your children effectively while being ill. Follow our instructions strictly for the sake of your kids as well as yourself. We hope you get well soon. Best of luck!

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