Child Development Stages : Five Important Stages

Baby for more than 10 months

Child Development Stages

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A 10 months baby doesn’t want to eat.

Mini Foods

The newly found freedom of your baby means that at mealtimes they can reject foods that can make feeding routines difficult. They want to have more flexibility in choosing what food they want to consume. Consider offering a number of healthy options so that they can make decisions and still get the food they need.

Baby for more than 12 months

Child Development Stages

Source: Google

12 months baby tries to eat themselves.


Your child is one year old now! This is the time for adventure and curiosity when walking and talking will commence around the mark of 12 months. When your baby grows, you can now make the transition to children’s treats and introduce them to simple family favorite items. Busy children have lots of healthy food to help keep them going throughout the day. Follow the Child Development Stages and keep your children healthy.


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