Child Development Stages : Five Important Stages

Hello! Mom, you think you need to know how to develop your baby. We set here five stages of child development for your help. So, let’s see what was said below.

Baby for more than 4 months

New born children
4 months baby.

Introduction to solids

It’s an exciting time for some, upsetting for others! Signs that your child is ready to start eating solids include keeping their head straight, being able to sit up helped, missing their initial tongue thrust, and showing signs that they are involved in what you eat. Their first food experiences set up their nutritional habits, so make sure they have good first tastes!

Baby for more than 6 months

Happy childrens

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6 months baby with mom.

Expansion of taste

As the appetite of your baby begins to grow, it’s now a great time to add different textures and tastes to the mix. Begin by incorporating a wider range of flavors such as meat, dairy, and grains into the feeding routine of your infant.

Baby for more than 8 months

Happy child Child Development Stages

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An 8 months baby is crawling.

Progress in Texture

Your baby’s going to get very excited. Frustration is normal as they would like to experiment as they develop their chewing and motor skills and become Little independent eaters. Now it’s a good time to teach more complex recipes and provide them with the option of feeding themselves as they want to have more control over what they eat.


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