Before “Parenting” – Raise yourself!


It’s not an ancient secret that Humans beings are different in different civilizations, races, and geo-locations but, the main theme of “Parenting” is always been the same. What is that? It’s to prepare the newborn human child for the world to survive when we are not around anymore. But, it’s not that simple for humans. Is it?

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s true? Are we actually born different? If you have ever wondered and have an open mind to logically observe, you would know very much clear that human beings are not actually different when they are born except skin color, gender, and body structure. Our mind and intelligence is actually the main considerable factor what makes us different from others.

We all contain the same mind and quality until influenced by nature and the teaching of the people around us. Not necessarily we always need to be taught. We observe and learn from our sounding which is a key function of intelligent superior beings. And that is the reason why children always ask so many questions. Everything is a mystery to them. They are always eager to learn and explore new things and it’s a crime in parenting to stop a child’s question or curiosity. That way we are limiting the possibilities of developing greatness.

So, what is the summary here? All human children are the same on mother earth and we are only different when grown up. The end result is based on what we have accumulated from our soundings and what we have taught over the time when we grew up. We all probably heard that childhood is the perfect time to plant the correct seed and it’s the time to determine how the tree will be. How the subconscious mind is shaped most likely will always remain the same. That’s why we say that people can never change. It’s an eternal truth we know without realizing the meaning.

We never observe that closely. If we do, every human is the perfect reflection of someone particular or a combination of a few of that certain age. If explained easily, we are the resemblance of the person we admire or grown-up looking up to during the particular age period where we currently are.

Even if no child is influenced, all of them will be the same. We should only answer their questions and fuel their curiosity to explore. Ideal parents should only let their kids know about the outcome of every action and not influence their decision. 


They will be if we stop trying to drive them. We should only be guiding them and teaching them about the results without telling them what to do and what not to. Parents should inspire their children’s to not only make decisions but, also be responsible for the result of the action that they have judged to be most appropriate according to the situation. This should always be like that right?

Now, do you remember that we are the most intelligent creatures on this earth? We just don’t learn by listening. We actually learn by observing. To be accurate, we actually observe what the person is actually doing according to the situation. Firstly, if we don’t mean it, it’s not going to matter what we have said. Secondly, If we say something and do something else, it will send the wrong message. Lastly, if we say something is bad and do that anyway, our kids will follow that anyway. Therefore, we need to be the person who we want our next generation to be. The fruit tastes according to how the soil is. Every tree turns in the direction of the sunlight. You are presenting life to the universe. And it should be at its best. So, start thinking if you haven’t already!

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