8 Steps to Raising Confident Girls


Today’s girls are straddling two environments. One in which no one blinks an eye when they see a female running for office. Another one in which children are sexualized at a younger and younger level. How we help our girls trust them in all their potential because their most famous that’s a role model is a princess from Disney?

It’s a wonderful time to think about how to improve girls ‘ self-esteem. In your own home in honor of the Girl’s first International Day. Here are the most important steps:

1. Tell her that you believe in her

I met 75 celebrities as I hosted my internet talk show. They’ll succeed in significantly different fields, and they’ll have common things — Family members regularly assured them that they can do what they wanted to do. Give this letter to your wife, and repeat it.

2. Get Her Outside

Giving your daughter the freedom and the ability to play outside. It would give her a greater sense of her self as a source of strength and encourage her to take safe risks. Teen Debbie Reber states that when you: “Drag them out of their comfort zone, they know that no matter what the outcome, they succeeded and have the strength to face every obstacle.” And expose her to tree climbing, bug catching, and hiking–even if you choose to be indoors.

3. Pursue Her Interests

Ellen Galinsky, founder of Mind in the Making, emphasizes the importance of telling your daughter that her desires are being taken seriously. “Take the stuff that your daughter is involved in and help build on, and deepen them so that she’s actually serious about something.”

4. Minimize the Princesses

Once my older daughter was five years old, I told her what princesses are doing. She responded without hesitation: “They are cleaning houses and waiting for princes to meet them.” Case closed. At such a young age, concentrating daughters on appearance and femininity is pushing her in the wrong direction.

5. Parent with Empathy

You do not have to agree about your daughter how she feels. Empathy lets your child know that she’s important and that her feelings are important. Empathic, fearless parenting leads to more self-esteem in children.

6. Help Her Love Her Looks

If you catch your daughter by loving your entire body, it’s not a problem what size or shape, she is growing so, love her. Always place your own skin in front of your daughter and do not have a fashion problem in her presence. Choose the first outfit you seek.

7. Sign Up for Sports

Having your daughter into sports at an early age helps her admire. Her body for its toughness and not just its looks. Michelle Obama has a rule that every daughter plays a sport of her own and that her mother chooses for her.

8. Show Interest in Her Academics

Demonstrate the value of education by showing interest in the academic life of your teen-girl. Stay active in class, volunteer, attend school activities and check in on homework.

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