30 Little Things to Do for Children


While these little things may seem meaningless to you, with your little ones, they go a long way. Here are a few simple ways to make your child happy.

Little Things to Do

1. Wear the necklace of macaroni to work. Okay, at least until the door is closed.

2. Tape the refrigerator door with a family motto or slogan (Unstoppable! We will, we must! We have this!) and use it whenever your child feels disheartened.

3. Go with only one child for a run.

4. Slip a message into her lunch box (and an optional piece of chocolate).

5. Build next to him your own Minecraft world.

6. Say “yes” to something that is normally infinite, such as lying on the table.

7. Display as much excitement as they do on trips in the amusement park.

8. If you quarrel with your child, make sure he sees you make up as well.

9. Looks like a wave washed through her house, close the door and carry on with your life.

10. Skype or do FaceTime now and again with your grandmother.

11. If your son has done it well, but he is still unhappy and depressed, and he really wants to leave the squad, show him your blessing.

12. Keep going: let your 4-year-old puddle go through every puddle. Even without boots from rain.

13. Get the glitter glue out and make your child’s birthday card.

14. Take a pet in need of a home — and the love of a child.

15. Give your kid a chance before you try to fight his own battles in the yard or on the sandbox.

15 More Cute Things to do for Children

16. Hold off with the how-your-day questions bombardment when your child comes home grumpy and exhausted from work. At the dinner table, you can get the rundown.

17. Cultivate your own habits and rituals: Taco Mondays, Sunday-afternoon biking, picking apples every fall.

18. Ask your child how to make a change. When you get your child hanging, make certain that you tell him what a great teacher he is.

19. Does your child go and wear their dress-up clothes to the supermarket?  Let her go  Every month if she wants to.

20. What your child hear you? Tell her something different.

21. Stay up late to watch the full moon. Find the next one’s going to be.

22. Print pictures of their childhood so they can look at something real one day.

23. Don’t be in a rush to tell your child to let go of it.

24. For breakfast, prepare heart-shaped pancakes.

25. In the center of the reading, turn up the music and also have a dance party.

26. Create a greeting for the secret family.

27. In her room hang the whiteboard to leave each other’s notes.

28. Start a fight with pillows.

29. Share your old memoirs, pictures, and letters from your generation.

30. Thank you to your child for doing his own chore — even if it is just hang up a wet towel without encouragement or replenishing the empty water pitcher.

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