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    Top Ten Brain Developing Foods

    Does your baby want to do better at school? Look closely at the diet. Some “brain foods” can help boost the brain growth of a child. As well as improve brain function, memory, and focus. The brain is simply a very hungry organ — the first organ in the body to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Don’t give stomach junk food because the brain will certainly suffer. Growing bodies need a lot of nutritional forms. Let’s see these 10 superfoods can help children get the most out of school. 1. Salmon Fatty fish such as salmon is an excellent source of DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids. Both important…

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    How to Improve Education in Early Childhood

    Early childhood teachers work with pre-school and 8-year-old children. Because it’s such a crucial period for development, it is important to have the highest level of education received by young children. The first step in quality education is to create an effective and safe atmosphere for the classroom and school. Employing trained teachers who genuinely care for their students is also important. When you are a parent, engage in the classroom and discuss their activities with your child on a daily basis. Creating an environment for positive and productive learning 1 By providing positive instruction, encouraging and educating young students. When repeatedly a baby is told “no!”If spoken to in…

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    How Stress Can Affect The Health of Our Children

    It is known that in the immediate environment and/or caregiver, even the youngest child will sense stress. Stress has a clear impact on one’s mental well-being, with more and more studies showing that mentally healthy children are better able to meet the challenges of life. We become good teachers as well and have better relationships. Many stress can be seen as optimistic, e.g. warning of imminent (potential) risk. It’s short-lived and played with slowly. Types include a new person being introduced and a meeting. Some stress can have a more severe impact, usually because of more extreme and long-lasting issues. It may include serious illness and/or serious accidents with or without…

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    Child’s Brain Development

    The brain of a child grows faster than anywhere in life around birth to age 5. So early brain growth has a profound impact on the ability of a child to learn so successful in life and education. In the first few years of life, the nature of a child’s encounters–positive or negative–determines the way the brain grows. Before kindergarten, Growth Brain 90% Saying to birth, the brain of the baby is about 3/1 of the adult brain size. Incredibly, the first year, it doubles in size. At age 3 and 90 percent, it continues to grow to about 80 percent of adult size, basically full-grown at age 5. The brain is the human…

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    8 Steps to Raising Confident Girls

    Today’s girls are straddling two environments. One in which no one blinks an eye when they see a female running for office. Another one in which children are sexualized at a younger and younger level. How we help our girls trust them in all their potential because their most famous that’s a role model is a princess from Disney? It’s a wonderful time to think about how to improve girls ‘ self-esteem. In your own home in honor of the Girl’s first International Day. Here are the most important steps: 1. Tell her that you believe in her I met 75 celebrities as I hosted my internet talk show. They’ll succeed in significantly different fields,…

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    6 Months Old Baby’s Food Menu

    It’s so interesting when your baby gets curious about food. She tries to grab your plate making it almost impossible to eat your own meal! This behavior typically starts around the six-month mark. At this point, it’s time for you to start mixing it up with solid foods. What is it that your 6 Months old baby should eat? ………………We have the answers! We have all the information about what you need to feed your 6-month-old child. When am I allowed to start feeding my child solid food? Make sure that your child can hold his head and sit properly in a highchair before you start solid foods. Always monitor…

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    7 Steps How To Effectively Motivate Your Child

    The following facts are what decades of evidence have shown to help improve intrinsic and built motivation. 7 Steps how to effectively motivate your child. 1. Avoid inspiring (Traditional Way) Your efforts to inspire your baby are most likely to do the total opposite — dispiriting your child. To be motivated intrinsically is to enjoy an activity mostly alone. If someone does not enjoy an activity, for their pure enjoyment, no amount of pushing, taking bribes or threatening can make them begin to like it. Therefore, parents ‘ traditional ways of motivating — rewarding, thanking, nagging, scolding, and trying to punish — are counterproductive. 2. Be Inspiring rather than Controlling…

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    30 Little Things to Do for Children

    While these little things may seem meaningless to you, with your little ones, they go a long way. Here are a few simple ways to make your child happy. Those Little Thing to Do 1. Wear the necklace of macaroni to work Okay, at least until the door is closed. 2. Tape the refrigerator door with a family motto or slogan (Unstoppable! We will, we must! We have this!) and use it whenever your child feels disheartened. 3. Go with only one child for a run. 4. Slip a message into her lunch box (and an optional piece of chocolate). 5. Build next to him your own Minecraft world. 6.…

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    Before “Parenting” – Raise yourself!

    It’s not an ancient secret that Humans beings are different in different civilizations, race and geo locations but, the main theme of “Parenting” is always been the same. What is that? It’s to prepare the newborn human child for the world to survive when we are not around anymore. But, it’s not that much simple for humans. Is it? Have you ever asked yourself if it’s true? Are we actually born different? If you have ever wondered and have an open mind to logically observe, you would know very much clearly that human beings are not actually different when they are born except the skin color, gender and body structure.…

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    Five Tips To More Successful Parenting

    Child-raising is one of the toughest and most demanding jobs in the world and one you might be the least prepared for.Below are five child-raising tips that can help you feel more comfortable as a parent for more successful parenting. 1. Building your child’s self-esteem: Your parent’s words and actions are more important than their self-esteem. Your children absorb your tone, your body language, and all your behaviors. Even if you don’t like their activity, you still love them. So, choose your words carefully and be kind. Do not use your words as a weapon, it is more serious than physical harm. It should be important for children to work independently. Then their…


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