How to Effectively Motivate Your Child, Complete Guideline

Benefits of Encouraging Children

Some kids are self-motivated where some need Effective Motivation For Children. As a child, I was self-motivated, I did all my assignments on my own.

As parents, we often have a funny, defective belief that our children won’t care unless we twist their arms. But the simple dope is that your attempts to motivate your child are probably working across you.

In this article, you are going to learn 6 steps on how to motivate your child effectively with proper parenting.

motivate your child

Types of motivation your child needs

Motivation is the key to success for your child. And it’s a foundation for a successful child. That’s why many parents and teachers are concerned with helping students more motivated in school and their homes.

However, there are two types of motivation that your child needs during parenting.

Extrinsic motivations:

Extrinsic motivations

Extrinsic motivation refers to doing an activity, not for its congenital enjoyment but instead for a separable outcome. Say for example: in school teachers make lessons interesting to the student and help learners to get excited about the school environment.

Intrinsic motivation:

Intrinsic motivation Effective Motivation For Children

Intrinsic motivation refers to doing an activity for its congenital enjoyment rather than for a separable outcome. Say for example a child who plays an educational game because they enjoyed it and they get self-motivated on their own.

6 best way to motivate your kids

The following are the best way to motivate your child. These steps are what decades of research have proven to help enhance the different types of motivation for children.

8 Successful Way to Spend More Quality Time With Your Children

8 Successful Way to Spend More Quality Time With Your Children

Spending more quality time with your children

How Can I Spend More Quality Time With My Kids? If you are wondering about this, you are in the right place

Spending more quality time with your children

Family is said to be the first stage of learning and parents are the first teacher. The positive relationship between you and your child is important in a child’s oral development. The parent-child relationship is a two-way street referring to a good partnership between parents and children. So, building a positive relation is necessary for the mental and social growth of a child. For example- A garden looks more beautiful when it has different types of flowers. Parents are gardeners and children are like flowers. A gardener takes proper care to make his garden look pretty and aromatic. Similarly, parents might understand their child’s personality for establishing a positive relation. This is called proper parenting.

parent-child relationship

However, Proper parenting is not a piece of cake. Children are much sensitive so they need proper parenting. As a responsible parent, you need to ensure a consistent relationship with your child.  You can provide them opportunities or let them know you care for them or can keep them safe and treat them with respect. This will help you to maintain a positive relationship with your children.

parent-child Relationship

But nowadays parents are busy with work and life responsibilities. So, they can’t spend enough time with their children. Many of them are worried because it can lead to developmental delays. Some parents feel guilty about not being available for their children when they need them. This leads to a negative effect on children and parent relationships. So, to build up a good relationship between you and your children you need to spend enough time with them. This will reduce the distance with your children as well as ensure proper parenting.

7 Parenting Tips For New Parents

Give priorities of children opinion

Best parenting helps to make the best childhood. Humanity is programmed to copy other
actions naturally. We learn our fundamental part from imitation of others into our own.
Mainly children watch their parents every action. They try to follow their parents, furthermore, if you want a positive and bright child then you should follow some parenting tips to make them so. Here are some parenting tips for new parents.
Firstly, you should know about the importance of communication with the child. Secondly, you should nourish
their inherent abilities. In addition, you have to be more
careful with your children, during this pandemic crisis period.
Remember, good parenting is essential for a child to make their life easier. Finally, you can learn many valuable tips for how to being a good parent by reading this entire writing. Let’s see!

Seven Amazing Tips for Successful Parenting:

7 Parenting Tips

7 Parenting Tips

Parents have many primary responsibilities like promoting children’s emotional well-being,
maintaining their health and safety, preparing children intellectually, and instilling social skills.
Successful parenting is the key to a positive child. Parenting is like a job having a disciplined way. The following seven tips for successful parenting will help you provide your children comfort and secure sense.

Tips-1: Spend more times with your child

Spend more times with your child

Kids consider time as love. A few moments of your everyday time can provide a good
relationship with the child. You can spend time as a family game, praying together, just at the dining table can be able to the best childhood memory or best family moment to remember.
It is essential to motion to assure your kid that they are important, loved, and valued for you. To see the difference in their behavior, try to spend more time with them. It helps reduce the feelings of uncertainty, discipline issues, and attention-seeking activities, and helps to think positively.

Tips 2: Show your unconditional love

Show your unconditional love

Show your unconditional love

Retirement Planning, To Avoid Future Trouble

Retirement Planning, To Avoid Future Trouble

Retirement requires careful planning and is not merely funded. Chances are you will have chaotic habits without clear plans for this next step of life, waste more time doing nothing at home, or watch inane television sitcoms. Financially and otherwise, retirement is hard work. Jump-start by downsizing your retired life. By now, decades of accumulating widgets have cluttered your personal space and mental space. Time to clear out all cobwebs, literally and metaphorically!

List out Things Owned

List out Things Owned

Begin by making an inventory of all things owned. It is a time-consuming and difficult task, to be done after careful consideration. Make different categories and then segregate available things under them. Categories can be furniture, books, gadgets, and more. Don’t forget unused things in your garage or loft or basement. This gives a clear idea of what has accumulated over the years. Sometimes, there are even duplicates. Often, we forget the old stuff and buy things again, ending up with five Christmas light sets and six dinner dish sets.

Where do you start?

Where do I Start

Where do I Start

Though making a list is a good start, a clear idea of where to begin is essential. Else, you end up clueless about where to begin. As the task is huge, it could be intimidating if you do not know where to begin. You may start with the kitchen which gives you breathing time to come to terms with things that make you emotional. Or you could postpone it till you face specific issues.

Sell, Gift, or Throw Away!

Sell, Gift, or Throw Away!

Divorce Can be Difficult, But There are a Few Financial Silver Linings to It

Divorce is emotionally draining and nervous, and it also cuts in your pocket a deep hole. Divorce is very costly, from paying the lawyer to losing your spouse’s earnings. You are depriving yourself of the retirement savings and assets that you carefully built up with hard work over the years. The divorce proceedings are also causing you emotional turmoil. It’s really difficult to recover from such issues but there are also positive sides. While that is no reason to commence divorce proceedings, some financial rewards can accrue. This article has been written and compiled to give you a better insight and perspective to the scenario.

Easier budgeting with better monetary control

A divorce ensures zero fights over money. Conflicts over funds allotment, budget issues, and expenditure controls will vanish overnight. Also, divorce does bring freedom the way you always desired. If positives accrue for you, it doesn’t imply that the same benefits go to your spouse.

You access retirement funds earlier

A divorce is among those times when you can access your retirement money and ward off early withdrawal penalty. When a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) is signed during the divorce, you can withdraw money from your retirement account earlier than usual. This withdrawal exempts the 10% fine applicable to those persons below the age of 59 but still pay income tax if IRA does not hold up your money.

Cashing out from your retirement account is risky but there are options available for those affected by divorce proceedings. You have a much better cash flow position. When divorce proceedings are amicable, people divide the retirement fund balance in the absence of a QDRO. But that may be a costly mistake for you. Before making up your mind, consult both your attorney and financial planning advisor.

Kids, too, benefit financially

How To Develop Mental Toughness


Ever wondered how soldiers and even the military reserves gain and maintain a sound and tough mind? It only shows that all of them have undergone rigid and continuous training to acquire and enhance it. And since we understand that each member of the military and all the other folks out there, would like to obtain and develop mental toughness in them.

What Defines Mental Toughness?

mental-toughnessGenerally, mental toughness can be examined as the skill to maintain your emotional composure to complete a series of actions, no matter what happens around you or inside you. Many people from the field of sports believe that it’s an ability you’re born with; hence you can’t develop it.

It is usually something you have since your birth or something you train at a very young age. It is due to the surroundings that greatly influence you and heighten your motivation to pursue more. Still, others assume that anyone can improve their mental skills just as anyone can grow physically.

You can easily control your emotions and reactions, mostly when something unexpected and overwhelming happens, granted that you have strength, patience, and focus. All in all, mental toughness is the driving force that helps you keep going no matter what happens around you. It works both as a source of motivation and as protection from external factors.

Boost Your Motivation

You need to motivate yourself enough to be mentally tough. Most mentally tough people are usually the highest-motivated ones. They strive to be strong, successful, and independent of their surrounding factors and events.

What Should Say To Encourage Children

Compliment, Effort, and Process

When people are asked what is the toughest task to do? Some will reply that being a doctor or being an astronaut or doing business is the toughest one. I think they are not as these things can be taught by certain processes. Parenting is the toughest task as there are not any specific rules or guidelines. So, What should you say to encourage your children?

As every child comes with different psychology so the task is comparatively difficult. Not every parent and child is the same, everyone is different in their own way so is the parenting.

At present, it is a subject of research but none can say that these are the exact rules to become good parents. Encouraging children is also a challenging part of parenting. This is why often people get confused about

what should say to encourage children

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what should say to encourage children?

Below some of the finest ways of encouraging children are discussed-

Parenting: What Should Say to Encourage Children?

Every child is special. Parents need to find out the best way to encourage their children. Let’s see some encouraging ways-

Compliment Genuinely And Honestly

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Compliment Genuinely And Honestly

When parents are encouraging their children, the compliment should be genuine and honest. Otherwise, they will not be encouraged.

For example-Parents can say to their child, It is unselfish of you to share your chocolate instead of saying What an angel you are!

Be Specific And Illustrative

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Be Specific And Illustrative

Specific And Illustrative comments encourage a lot. It shows parents pay attention and they care. Like, I like the way you are using different colors on this drawing. Ask about the colors of the children. Do not say what a nice painting only!

Parenting in COVID 19 Pandemic

parenting in covid-19 pandemic

No matter how much we try to normalize parenting nowadays, frankly, Parenting in COVID 19 Pandemic is very tough. In such a situation of COVID 19 pandemic, it has turned quite different because not even a few weeks ago, we didn’t imagine such days would come and those who are parents have to deal with their issues with their children differently. The entire scenario of parenting in this pandemic is quite individual according to the age of the child, nature of the child and profession of parents, and so on.

Golden Time for Working Parents

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A Golden Time for Working Parents

Usually, the working persons get less time to spend with their child or children due to their tight schedule and heavy pressure of work. They have to let their baby be taken care of by other persons of the house generally. So, this pandemic is quite a bliss for them because it makes them stay connected with their children for more time. We know that the present is the key to make a good bond between parent and child. So, give your full concentration and take the time to focus on your child’s physical, mental, and spiritual growth with your full presence.

Parenting of Toddler

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Parenting of Toddler

Have you ever imagined what sounds better? Imagine, you’re in a car with your babies and somebody else is driving and aren’t sure if s/he is a better driver than you? Rather, it’ll be sounded safe when you drive yourself.
That also matters when you leave your kids under somebody else’s responsibility. But we’ve to do that willy nilly. This pandemic gives you a good chance to give your efforts fully in the upbringing of your kids. They need your care and affection and love along with your important presence. Surely, this would be nice seeing this little person walking around your house and make messes with everything.



They said that change in this universe is the only lasting thing. It is unavoidable and therefore we will adjust to it. That doesn’t seem to be 100 percent correct.


At the Amazon introductory Reference: Mars Artificial-Intelligence and Robotics Meeting, Jeff Bezos revealed his biggest message. Life will not necessarily improve. It turns out. Bezos did indeed focus on things that don’t change.

Jeff Bezos-parentingadvisory

Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man in the world with a current net worth of $148.5 billion


Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, a global marketing company. It’s the world’s biggest market for e-commerce. Not only is this Internet company the biggest globally in terms of sales, but it is also home to Kindle, the e-book technology, and the number two computer company in the world.


When people asked him what to do at the top, he pointed out the value of beginning every day as a day-one business. It is not the improvements that matter much as an organization of the day. Rather, there are the consumer’s unchangeable expectations.

It is quite ironic that the majority of businessmen, sometimes, ask Bezos about their outlook on what will happen in the last decade. Bezos urged his colleagues to abandon this theoretical mindset and focus on the question of what would be the same in the coming years.

He said, by defining what is constant, you can prepare the strategy properly. You should reflect on your game strategy with the hope of paying off over the next ten years of all the hard work you’re doing. If that is the case, would you not be encouraged to work daily?

Three Fitness Myth’s Busted




Would you feel your way around the pose and system frustrated and unsure around gymnastics? You don’t know what recommendation to follow so many fitness influencers? Shoot yourself in the workout center but see no results? Ok, three fitness icons are about to be created and the workout attitude shifted for the better. Fitness is important to a lot of people and has become a popular and creative subject all over the world, with all the choices about courses, fitness approaches and innovations that really know what works and does not work. Let’s begin with the fundamental elements.

Myth 1: Stretching is the key to quick muscle recovery

Stretching is the key-parentingadvisory

Wrong. Tight muscles are great for loosening, flexibleness (especially during training), blood flow rises to the muscles, and can aid in movement ranges. Studies have also shown that the amount of blood lactate does not affect, merely stopping the muscles from becoming stronger or responding differently to fatigue.

Myth 2: The more you break a sweat the more calories burnt


Wrong. Sweat is actually the protective reaction of the body to overheating. The biological process cools and controls the internal temperature of the skin. Sweat will differ depending on the temperature or other basic aerodynamics within the training set. Excuses sweat lovers, but the calorie count is dependent on action and movement. Seek additional energy to maximize the action instead of just getting drenched.

Myth 3: Running outdoors is much better for your knees than running on the treadmill


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