What should all couples do before they get pregnant?


I still knew I wanted children, but I wasn’t in a hurry either to change my wonderful world. Personally, I feel like I could have waited a couple more years to introduce our beautiful little boy to our family, however, my husband is eight yrs older than I am and I don’t want to be an “old dad.” Which I had absolutely, so I felt ready enough to go for it. I’m saying “good enough” because who’s really ready? Getting my son was still my most amazing adventure, don’t get me wrong, but it was also my most daunting endeavor.

You only have to worry about it before children. Life may not always be easy, of course, but you are getting more sleep, more freedom, more time and more money! Before my hubby, here are the things that I think were important to me, and I grew up with our parents. I wonder if you’re going to agree?


This one is so simple, and you’re likely going to feel bad about listening to your friends and family and everybody else’s saying it, but honestly, it’s not like this and was only starting to sleep through the night. In case I jinx it and wake up once or several times a night again, I’m almost afraid to write this. Unless I’m resting, I’m not my best self, so let’s just agree that I haven’t been my strongest for a while…

Store Prepared Food

When your baby arrives, your time will be minimal, so save your cereal dinner for the potential future.

Take photos of you and your husband

After the kid is here, all eyes on them are shuttered. You’re probably going to get a few of you together, but photos of just the two of you are going to become a thing of the past. Enjoy the well-rested light while you’ve got it!

For fun, read books

Once you have a son, you would lose time and energy to learn something for the sheer enjoyment of it. Most of the reading will be Doctor Google’s search results for eating, fart, cry, etc.

Make your hair beautiful

Do you always like to see what a redhead is like? Dye your hair every wild, provocative color you want it now, and dye it as close to normal as you can before you’re able to conceive. Coloring your hair during pregnancy is not the safest thing ever, so it’s easier to get back to what your mother gave you.

Take a vacation

Just take a holiday with your hubby, your daughters. Once you have children, a holiday is not a holiday and you have them to you. It’s a ride. They’re fun, of course, but they need planning and some commitment as well.

Skydive / Adventure

Sure, maybe it’s not your thing to fall out of a perfectly good airplane. Try and do something else that is daring and a little dangerous. Once you’ve got children, you’re just going to be a little more concerned about something happening to you, because God forbid, what would your baby kid do without you? Take the opportunity now.


Take your time dressing up, brushing your nails, putting on some lipstick, and going to concerts, hanging around and have some drink and enjoying with friends, or whatever activity or event makes you happy and calm because you’re not going to have a chance to do it for a while. So, a little before you’re willing to start trying, both mom and dad can slow down on your drinking so that you’re your healthiest self. Cheers!

Let’s make a restaurant checklist

Are there places you needed to get to in your neighborhood/city, but haven’t tried yet? Are you looking for some fancy place to splurge on? Locations you enjoy dining? Make a checklist with all of them and enjoy your eating while the two of you are the only ones. We eat out quite often with the boy, and it’s normally pretty good. So usually one of you feeds a little longer than the other, you feed during the dinner, there’s a whole host of things that can happen, so enjoy your meals when you have time.


Brunch always occurs when you’re a mother at nap time. If you can get it off the door in the Am, you must be the first breakfast bird. Sleep in, take your time to taste your hot meal and drink your mimosa or bloody marys as much as you can.

Drink coffee

Now, while it is still hot, enjoy it. You’re going to get busy and distracted and for a while, you’re not likely to enjoy a hot, un microwaved cup of coffee in peace. Sometimes my change was to put ice in my hot cup and name it iced coffee. Sometimes, before you marry, you’ll want to cut back on caffeine. Some doctors agree that once pregnant, you can still have a cup a day, but I was just moving forward and made the move to decaf. The cycle of decaffeinating Swiss Water is supposedly the best option for the bean and for you, so if you decide to make the switch too, I would advise that you look for it.

Get in shape

Because of your pregnancy, you’re going to want to be the healthiest. Whether it’s just your diet you need to get in line, an exercise routine you need to develop, or maybe you’re someone who works like crazy and doesn’t eat themselves enough; assess your food and workout options and make any necessary adjustments now.

Look for your meditation

Take yoga class, watch a film, time spends at a spa or other quiet place where you can not bring your baby to make you very happy. Soak the tranquility and harmony. If things get overwhelming with baby, you’ll need some coping mechanisms, so really enjoy the feeling of comfort that you notice when you’re in your happy places and tries to take those feelings along with you. Action going emotionally out there when something unpleasant pops up at work so you can put your new skills into action at 4 am when the baby is crying again and you’re tired.

Start saving

I know that this may contradict my previous advice, but life is about equilibrium, right? If you don’t have one, it’s time to create a plan now. One that lets you potentially dine out and enjoy a weekend, but babies are also costly. But you don’t want to end up with a new kid and a mortgage mountain; the mix throws through the roof your stress levels. Test Mint for a free account and set up it. You will monitor your spending and decide how much you can save and where to cut back.

Shift if…

Move or stay in place. Only try your best to live in a house in which you are comfortable with your family. You’re going to want to bring a baby to a comfortable space, not one in which you don’t feel at ease. Even if it’s not your dream home, do things to make it as hot as possible, and when you’re there you’ll feel happy.

Finish up projects

Whether it’s a home remodeling, landscaping, having your real estate license, creating your wedding album, completing a race; whatever life’s bits and bobs or goals you want to achieve, get them accomplished now while time and energy are already on your hand.

Enjoy the company of your partner

Once the baby arrives, the relationship will change. I’m not suggesting it’s just different for the worse. Try to absorb the company of each other while the house is calm and your attention is undivided.


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