Infertility and reduce Stress

As fertility-related stress affects you and your partner. Starting to feel more like a science project is common for your sex life.

Do this Rx stress for 10 minutes.

Another technique, called progressive muscle relaxation, involves stretching and relaxing from head to toe every part of your body. For five seconds, furrow your forehead, then relax for five seconds. So, for five seconds, wrinkle your nose and breathe for five seconds. Do that with your jaw also, and so on, if you have time, for 10 minutes or more. “This helps you feel what your body is like when it’s tense when it’s relaxed,” Dr. Domar says.

Write it down.

Dr. Greene is a big fan of zap pressure journaling. “One of the best ways to get clarity is to place your thoughts on paper. And feel like you’re more in charge of your concerns,” he says. Publishing daily in a newspaper, even for a few minutes a day. It will help you feel more optimistic and less nervous about anything that would concern you.

Talk to a pro.

Take a look at psychology or psychiatrist with infertility patients. If you still realize you can’t control your stress or try very hard to be prone to long periods of anxiety or hopelessness, sadness, or complete ambivalence. Get one from Get one. It is a must to get your emotional health on the line for a healthy pregnancy and beyond.

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