Infertility and reduce Stress

Can infertility give rise to stress?

Okay, look down.
A Japanese study showed that about 40 percent of women with fertility problems were medically disturbed or depressed. Before they even started to be treated for infertility. Feeling unwell able to get pregnant can be a big source of stress, anxiety, and depression, says Domar. “Many women who are unable to get pregnant have a real physical cause,” Dr. Domar says. “But as the month goes on, symptoms of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion sometimes set in. Even if the physical cause of pregnancy is handled clinically— say, endometriosis surgery. It may still make it more difficult to get pregnant.”

I’ve got a pretty stressful job. Do I have trouble getting pregnant?

Don’t worry!
Most studies have examined women with fertility issues (e.g. those seeking IVF therapy). Jane and Joe, not your average, so this answer certainly don’t know anyone really. But everybody feels the pressure. It’s part of life. And it’s impossible that a few tough days a week at the workplace. It will have a big impact on your pregnancy schedule. Dr. Domar says that particularly if you can throw it out at the end of the day. And don’t feel like you’re stressed or depressed all the time. Or don’t have other signs like sleeping problems, eating more or less than u. The body adapts well over time to daily pressure, but it’s the occasional big ones. Like a family member’s passing, losing a job, and moving to a new place. That can suddenly throw the hormone levels out of whack.

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