Infertility and reduce Stress

Can unnecessary pressure stop you from becoming pregnant? Learn about the unexpected links between stress, depression, and pregnancy — and what you can do about it. Everyone who heard that “simply relax and it will happen.” This advice could ask if stress really plays a part in how quickly you become pregnant. The answer is a correlation between stress, depression, fear, and infertility. The answer seems to be more and more work. Tell Boston IVF Executive Director Alice Domar, Ph.D., Domar Center for Mind / Body Health. First, when you’re stressed out probably you don’t have sex as often — quite an evident derailment infertility. Dr. Domar, who is also known to have a negative effect on conception, said: ‘You are also more prone to drinking and smoking binge. Chronic stress may influence ovulation for some people by modifying messages to the hypothalamus. The brain center which controls some of the hormones which cause ovaries to release eggs each month. Women under nonstop pressure can ovulate less. Often, making it difficult when they are most fertile to schedule baby-making for the exact window. Some research indicates that stress can also affect the levels of testosterone and the manufacture of sperm. Some research suggests that anxiety can have an effect beyond ovulation. On other facets of fertility, including fertilization complications and uterine implantation. Another research from the San Diego University of California showed that… That the most nervous women doing IVF had less success any step of the way… (few eggs were retrieved and fewer eggs were inserted successfully) compared to women who were not as anxious. Another study by Israeli researchers tested whether the success rate could be affected by helping women de-stress while undergoing IVF. We found that women who were amused by a clown. After undergoing the medication were more likely to conceive (laughter is a recognized stress-soother).

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