Immune D-5: The Secret of your Strong Immunity

The immunity effects from the mushrooms’ physiological features stimulate the body’s immune cells, such as monocytes, macrophage, killer cells, phagocytes, and dendritic cells. Researchers conducted countless studies to observe the effects of medicinal mushrooms on immunity response. Over these studies, they concluded that mushrooms offer a diverse range of purified biochemicals. These biochemicals benefit human health, disease-fighting abilities, improved physical health, and overall mental well-being.

Farmers cultivate the mushrooms naturally in shade houses and greenhouses. Nature supplies fresh air, natural light, and purified water continuously to them. They test every single batch of mushroom meticulously and scrutinize them to make sure that nothing, but the best product leaves out the door.


Capsule Shells:

Different features are used in Capsules are used to make the shells that enclose the products in Immune D-5 more effective.

Vegetarian Capsules: Instead of creating all capsules equally, some are made from gelatin while others are made from Hypromellose and are vegetarian.

No fillers or flow aids: Various supplement manufacturers use “Flow aids” and other fillers to ensure that the powder flows into the capsule during production. However, VidaSante uses no such fillers, flow aid, and any similar junk, nothing but a pure mushroom.


The Mushrooms Used in Immune D-5:

  1. Shitake: This is nown for its superpower of boosting health and life expectancy. People refer to it as the “Elixir of Life” as it boosts brain functions and also known for tackling viruses.
  2. Chagga: This is an anti-aging and immune-boosting powerhouse. Dubbed as the king of medicinal mushrooms, chagga is famous for increasing stamina, reducing fatigue, antioxidant, and an inflammation fighter.
  3. Turkey tail: It not only repairs and regenerates old, damaged immune cells but also has the highest beta-D glucans among all the medicinally used mushrooms. It accelerates the digestion process, thereby contributing to weight loss.
  4. Reishi: By reducing stress and developing balance, Reishi has made a name for itself for developing immune systems.  It furthers balances one’s hormones, boosts the emotional mood, and brings about a sense of vitality.
  5. Maitake: If you are looking to develop your heart and cardiovascular functions, Maitake is the perfect choice for you. Maitake mushrooms fight heart issues such as high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and even helps to regulate the blood sugar level.


Mushroom 4

How are Mushrooms Prepared and Processed for Immune D-5?

The mushroom extracts used in Immune D-5 are original medicinal mushrooms, using the fruit’s full-body, which are organically cultivated and naturally grown as should be the ideal scenario. Each mushroom crop begins with specifically selected strains and cultivars that have been perfected over centuries. It uses naturally obtained materials such as sawdust enriched with protein and hardwood logs as a solid food base. These natural substrates are the perfect prerequisites to guarantee the production of essential active medicinal compounds.


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