Get pregnant: 7 Boosters for Human Fertility naturally

4. No cigs, no drinks.

We also heard stories of women who were pregnant in the city, cigarettes, and spirits after spending a wild night. However, in terms of alcohol and nicotine, it is much difficult for most women to become pregnant. “Cigarette smoke can lead to early puberties and excessive alcohol use can lead to miscarriage,” says Dr. Hill. Although some reports say some alcohol may be safe while it is delivered, we are alongside doctors that claim it doesn’t really matter. When you marry, try cutting back until you know that a baby is at the deck. Then go to cold turkey.

5. Stressless.

It seems easier to say than done, particularly if you are already worried about your odds of conceiving every month, but one of the best ways to give a leg up to your fertility is to relax your lifestyle. “Higher levels of chronic stress contribute to changes in the natural hormone levels of the body which can have a negative effect on ovulation,” says Dr. Hill. And take a session in yoga, read a book, rest more. Anything you can do to foster peace and serenity can benefit, not only now, when you’re trying to get pregnant, but also when you’re coping with all the changes in parenting.

6. Let’s check “you” out.

When trying to get pregnant, it is important to have any underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or thyroid disease under control. Check your heart rate too: high blood pressure can interfere with your ability to make a baby. Additionally, if you are suffering from bouts of depression and anxiety, Dr. Hill advises that you see a doctor make sure that they are under control before you think.


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