Pregnancy During Period

Is a girl able to become pregnant if she has sex for her period? Yes, during her period a girl may get pregnant. This could happen if:
  • A woman has bled and she thinks that is a period, but it’s ovulation bleeding. Ovulation is an ovarian girl’s monthly disposal of an egg. It’s time she gets pregnant most likely if she has sex.
  • Ovulation happens before a girl’s cycle of bleeding has ended.
  • Ovulation happens after a girl’s cycle is over within a few days. For three days, sperm will fertilize an egg. If a girl will have sex on her last day and ovulates for the next couple of days, the sperm can fertilize the egg still.
At all times, it is dangerous to have unsafe sex. STDs such as chlamydia, genital warts, or HIV can also occur as well as the risk for pregnancy. The only means of preventing abortion or STD is abstinence (not having sex). Always use a condom for unplanted pregnancy and STDs if you have sex. For additional protection, most couples use condoms with other methods of birth control, like birth control pills or an IUD. Check your nurse for the best kind of birth control.

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