You Have To Get Your Hands On These New Celebrity Brand Collaboration Items!

The effect of social media today is unprecedented, and some famous people are using it not only to market their own (new films, new music, and the likes), but also their products. However, not all famous people have product approval, there are those who made their own brands. Even if the Olsen twins stay forever in mind as children stars in Hollywood, they are one of the few to be able to enter the worlds of fashion and now with millions in their kitty, they are very successful. We must remember how social media has been crucial to the achievement of the brainchild of Kylie Jenner, a startup company called Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner and her company had earned a whopping $420 million in revenues just over a year after their first lip kit was launched. These famous entrepreneurs are making very brilliant use of their popularity, technology and social media. Why do you endorse other people’s products to sell and make them rich when you can create products yourself and market them, right? If you want to enrich a business owner with support, that company owner would be better off. These are probably what these renowned entrepreneurs have been thinking of, most of whom are starting new partnerships in 2020.

Dance with the New DNCE’s K-Swiss Kicks

The first is a partnership with the K-Swiss and the DNCE music band, who has Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers as their main man. Each of the music group members has a shoe design that meets their own personalities: Disco Kicks for JinJoo, Jack’s Lawless, Cole’s Everyone, and of course Joe, Come Find Me. You can choose the personality you like or just the design you love. Better still, why not “find all of you” and buy all of them!


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