These Common Grocery Products are the Reason Why Your Bills Shoot Up

Prices of all food products rose by 26.8 percent during the last decade, which exceeded the rate of inflation of 21.9 percent during the same decade. High oil prices, which increase the shipping cost, droughts, and floods, are key factors influencing food prices over time, which causes significant product shortages and an increasing appetite for expensive food from the affluent global population.
These factors have increased overall demand and food prices for a long period, but in the short run food supply/demand varies due to weather, disease outbreaks and changes in consumer preference. In addition, the price surges faster than most other food items have led to factors such as 2015 avian influenza, California drought and costly organically grown food in the United States and milk & food products in developing countries.

Butter and Margarine

Price increase in a decade: 54.9%
Butter in WWII was the most popular spread of 2010 because of shortages and butter rationing. This resulted in forcing the Americans to replace margarine by the middle of the fifties. As the health effects of saturated fats on butter and milk products were neglected, butter demand increased. While it is the replacement of butter and margarine with the increasing demand for one that corresponds to the fall in demand for the other; prices have both rose over the last decade. Butter prices rose by 42.1%, with margarine prices rising by 62.1% in the last decade; more rapidly than almost all food.


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