The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The World

Your dog wants his own ticket in Berlin to ride the train.  However, don’t worry. Your friend’s fuzzy ticket is going to be half expensive as you know they’re better than humans!

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva dog-parentingadvisory

You first have to complete a formal and realistic test if you decide to get a dog in Switzerland. It’s like a license for drivers, except it’s a license for a childhood friend. The one positive thing that we find in this legislation is that you only get people who are adamant about being pet owners to foster and buy pets.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon-parentingadvisory

It’s not only a paradise for dogs with the most dog-parks per capita in any town in the USA, but also recognized as the city in organic coffee and hipsters. Your pup never fatigues every corner of dog parks!

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy dog-parentingadvisory

Leashing is available in Rome! Don’t be surprised to see dogs go openly on old streets swimming in the public fountains. All is (and encouraged) kosher!

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel-parentingadvisory

About 413,000 people and 30,000 dogs live in Tel Aviv! The walkable town and sunlight all year round mean dogs on every block in town for the sake of happiness. You can bring your pup into a café, shop, dining room. Oh! Town busses, trains, and taxis are allowed. Four dog beaches and more than 70 dog parks can also be located in the entire area. The home of the world’s dog is Tel Aviv!


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