The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The World


Best Dog friendly city-parentingadvisory

Best Dog-friendly city

Are your towns nice to the dogs? Travel around these towns and you would be in shock to find out how they handle their pups. We think of ways in which dogs can play, sit in a chair next to the owner at a local cafe, and be regarded as royalty! Dog lovers will meet with your 4 pawed pal in these big cities around the world for pleasure!

Seattle, Washington

Man and woman sitting on a park bench with a dog on a leash.

Were you aware that inside Seattle, Washington, there are more dogs than babies? The more we remember, the more we realize how close are puppies and babies! Firstly, both are beautiful. Secondly, doggy daycare costs as much as childcare. Last but not least, anything and everything you might do with them.

New York, New York

New York-parentingadvisory

New York boasts some of the world’s chicest puppies, Gucci heads, and Swarovski-Cristal leashes. In fact, anybody who takes a rescue animal in NY gets at the end of the year a $500 tax credit! Don’t buy it, carry it!

Santa Barbara, California


Santa Barbara is a coastal town with its own beach for puppies. Get set for your best friend on the waves. Because it is open all year!

Paris, France

Paris, France-parentingadvisory

Was the town of love amazing thought? Paris allows dogs in cafes. Oh! they’re having their own seats. It was a huge change!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin dog parentingadvisory


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