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    5 Crafts Children’s Will Make A Good Cause

    Parents magazine has partnered with charitable organizations across the country to develop programs that benefit children and animals in need, while at the same time teaching your own children the true spirit. Cuddly Creatures The charity: Enchanted Makeovers deals for women and children living in shelters. The project: Turn colorful socks are into a fun doll. Begin by filling a fresh cushioned cushion sock; cover it with glue or rubber band. Then have your child slice off felt facial features, arms, wings, and more. She can arrange those features and stick to them with tacky glue. After that, the parent can do further protect thee felt features with simple hand-stitching…

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    13 Ways to raise a child that is loving and caring

    You are the primary teacher of your child when it comes to kindness. Here’s how empathy can be built as a character trait and quality in your child. Like so many activities, kindness is a trait that kids learn over time and practice. Luckily, you can do many things to inspire your child to be a childlike, gentler person. First of all, you should share books that inspire kindness. Research finds that people’s desire for support and comfort is just as normal as being self-centered or negative. “It’s almost as if we are born predisposed to be disturbed by the suffering of others,” says Alfie Kohn, writer of Everyday Life’s…

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    10 Bad Habits Every Parent Need to Break

    The truth is, we can make all choices better. But wasting the attention, what we might be wrongdoing, now let us spend more and more time reflecting on… that what we are doing well. Each time you must have a “win” parenting, it gives you a little reputation. So, Go ahead, have a good time in the awesomeness of your family! Admit it: you’re also doing those kinds of stuff. And that’s perfect. But maybe — maybe — it’s time to think about improving things a_little bit, just for your sagacity, the relationship your’s and your children’s, because life is too short. 1. Judging other parents. This one is tough…

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    How to Manage Your Child’s Stress

    Stress for many children can be a natural and normal part of growing up. Stress, however, can also be a health problem if it is not properly managed. Childhood stress can be caused by worrying about making friends, fighting peer pressure, parents ‘ divorce, or other factors in life. But stress can make functioning difficult for a child and, if not managed, can cause anxiety or depression. By providing unconditional support at home, involving school teachers and administrators, and getting professional help for your child, you can help your child manage stress. Providing unconditional home support 1 Help your child at all times. A good way to improve your willingness…

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    6 Months Old Baby’s Food Menu

    It’s so interesting when your baby gets curious about food. She tries to grab your plate making it almost impossible to eat your own meal! This behavior typically starts around the six-month mark. At this point, it’s time for you to start mixing it up with solid foods. What is it that your 6 Months old baby should eat? ………………We have the answers! We have all the information about what you need to feed your 6-month-old child. When am I allowed to start feeding my child solid food? Make sure that your child can hold his head and sit properly in a highchair before you start solid foods. Always monitor…

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    Before “Parenting” – Raise yourself!

    It’s not an ancient secret that Humans beings are different in different civilizations, race and geo locations but, the main theme of “Parenting” is always been the same. What is that? It’s to prepare the newborn human child for the world to survive when we are not around anymore. But, it’s not that much simple for humans. Is it? Have you ever asked yourself if it’s true? Are we actually born different? If you have ever wondered and have an open mind to logically observe, you would know very much clearly that human beings are not actually different when they are born except the skin color, gender and body structure.…

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    Five Tips To More Successful Parenting

    Child-raising is one of the toughest and most demanding jobs in the world and one you might be the least prepared for.Below are five child-raising tips that can help you feel more comfortable as a parent for more successful parenting. 1. Building your child’s self-esteem: Your parent’s words and actions are more important than their self-esteem. Your children absorb your tone, your body language, and all your behaviors. Even if you don’t like their activity, you still love them. So, choose your words carefully and be kind. Do not use your words as a weapon, it is more serious than physical harm. It should be important for children to work independently. Then their…

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    Four Tips On Good And Positive Co-Parenting

    Trying to separate and getting divorced is one of the worst periods in life. It’s another difficult task to partner with your co-parent to raise safe, caring and happy children despite your separation. But it’s doable, as can be attested by many happy adult divorced parents children. There are four good and positive tips for co-parenting to get you started. These will help you learn how to co-parent to provide a healthy and successful childhood for your children. Even though you’re not both living under the same roof anymore, you can keep us working as a team by using these positive co-parenting techniques. Watch What You Say. You can chat about…

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    Best Tips For Parents

    Positive instructions and methods of discipline. These are the best tips for parents below. It’s difficult to work, it’s a full-time job! It can be exhausting, challenge, and lose. It’s a practiced approach to teach the positive way, it’s what you do with your child/children every day. He doesn’t have all the solutions. You’re not going to get it right sometimes and that’s okay. Constructive leadership and constructive parenting are knowing when you’re right and growing up with your kids through the mistakes. Positive behavior is about getting the kids involved in the process and finding a solution together. Kids want to act like family members and play an important…

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    You Should Know About Nutrition

    Good nutrition is important for a healthy life. You should know about nutrition. Low diet consumption is a risk factor for cholesterol, increased blood pressure, chubby & obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and overall poor health outcomes. So where is the one going to start? Here are a few tips! Start with the news. Know what foods contain good nutrients and what foods do not contain. Take one thing that has no nutritional value from your diet. Replace it with a better thing. Make it as simple as possible. Pack your own meals, prepare lunch and eat a wide range of fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains. Eat colored! Choose high-fat…


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