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    Child’s Brain Development

    The brain of a child grows faster than anywhere in life around birth to age 5. So early brain growth has a profound impact on the ability of a child to learn so successful in life and education. In the first few years of life, the nature of a child’s encounters–positive or negative–determines the way the brain grows. Before kindergarten, Growth Brain 90% Saying to birth, the brain of the baby is about 3/1 of the adult brain size. Incredibly, the first year, it doubles in size. At age 3 and 90 percent, it continues to grow to about 80 percent of adult size, basically full-grown at age 5. The brain is the human…

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    You Should Know About Nutrition

    Good nutrition is important for a healthy life. You should know about nutrition. Low diet consumption is a risk factor for cholesterol, increased blood pressure, chubby & obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and overall poor health outcomes. So where is the one going to start? Here are a few tips! Start with the news. Know what foods contain good nutrients and what foods do not contain. Take one thing that has no nutritional value from your diet. Replace it with a better thing. Make it as simple as possible. Pack your own meals, prepare lunch and eat a wide range of fruits, veggies, nuts, and whole grains. Eat colored! Choose high-fat…


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