Why You Should Try Traveling Alone At Least Once in Your Life


They say that people cannot simply live without a company, which can be true in away. It is what makes us human, it is also said to be the reason why God created Eve so that Adam wouldn’t be lonely.

Communicating and connecting with others is part of your everyday life, but it does not mean that every day you have to focus on them and how your day will work with them.

Especially some women feel they must be with someone every time because if they aren’t, they will feel lonely. Perhaps what you don’t know is that it might really be nice for you to have all the time without having to think about sharing it with anyone.

Traveling By Yourself

One of the easiest ways to be on your own is on your own path. This is because you know that people can not easily get to you. You will enjoy yourself and unwind in this way. You can not make, execute or cancel something by traveling alone you don’t have to think about other people’s schedules.

It’s all up to you, no stress about other people having to do it the other times. This will be a great chance for you to get to know yourself more by figuring out how to deal with your own desires and needs without having to rely on others’ opinions about you.

You’ll be able to do the things you have always wanted to try, whenever you want, without having to check if other people want it to. Being able to focus on your interests as well as doing them as you go is such a great privilege.

What should all couples do before they get pregnant?

I still knew I wanted children, but I wasn’t in a hurry either to change my wonderful world. Personally, I feel like I could have waited a couple more years to introduce our beautiful little boy to our family, however, my husband is eight yrs older than I am and I don’t want to be an “old dad.” Which I had absolutely, so I felt ready enough to go for it. I’m saying “good enough” because who’s really ready? Getting my son was still my most amazing adventure, don’t get me wrong, but it was also my most daunting endeavor. You only have to worry about it before children. Life may not always be easy, of course, but you are getting more sleep, more freedom, more time and more money! Before my hubby, here are the things that I think were important to me, and I grew up with our parents. I wonder if you’re going to agree?


This one is so simple, and you’re likely going to feel bad about listening to your friends and family and everybody else’s saying it, but honestly, it’s not like this and was only starting to sleep through the night. In case I jinx it and wake up once or several times a night again, I’m almost afraid to write this. Unless I’m resting, I’m not my best self, so let’s just agree that I haven’t been my strongest for a while…

Visit These European Islands on a Budget

Europe is a place that every traveler dreams of visiting.  Many countries from the continent are on their bucket list for spots they want to go see.  Nonetheless, traveling to Europe also poses a huge challenge since it usually entails the need to have a huge budget to make it possible.  Travelers are often tempted to splurge, wanting to have the best time in visiting the region. They want to see the world’s most famous tourist spots, stay in luxurious hotels, and try on different cuisines.  If you see a popular restaurant on the continent that you know you had that one opportunity of visiting, wouldn’t you want to eat there even if it means spending more than your budget? So many people who love to travel skip on going to Europe, because of a limited budget.  But did you know that even if you want to stick to a low travel budget, you can still visit beautiful places in the famous continent?  Aside from zoning out the need to spend more than you intend to, there are actual places in Europe you can enjoy on a budget.

London (England)

Yes, we know, you might be thinking that we are out of our minds suggesting London, England as a budget traveler destination, especially when you consider the worth of the pound versus the dollar.  However, the trick of budget-visiting London is simple – stay in budget-friendly hotels or inns (definitely not the Savoy) while enjoying British delicacies along with the famous street market of London.  As for places to visit, you can check out Britain’s history through London’s numerous museums with free entrances, such as the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Natural History Museum.  You can also enjoy outdoor attractions like Hampstead Heath and see the Buckingham Palace from outside – you might even catch a glance of Britain’s royal family out on a rare outing.

No Birth Control? No Alcohol, Says CDC

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Birth Control and Alcohol

The advice from the CDC and Prevention has created quite a stir to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome. The CDC reports that about 3 million mothers “are at risk of harming their developing child to drugs. If you drink, you are sexually active and do not use pregnancy birth controls.” Roughly half of all abortions are unplanned and about three of four women are unplanned. The CDC report issued on Tuesday states that ‘Whoever wants to become pregnant as soon as possible will never stop drinking alcohol until it has avoided birth control.’ The CDC now advises women to stop getting drunk. If they are trying to get pregnant or not having sex with birth control. That’s right, don’t drink. In fact, the CDC also pointed out that alcohol can make a woman more vulnerable to injury or violence. As well as sexually transmitted diseases. But many observers pointed out that no articles warned people that drinking could lead to violent actions and STDs. Emily Oster, an economist from Brown University, said: “That’s a very extreme manner [CDC] said. Who has written a book about women’s worrying advice in pregnancy sometimes? Oster says the CDC wants to send an important message. There is no question that some women do not care about the effects of drinking. During the early weeks of pregnancy. When they may not even know that they are pregnant.

How to Discipline Your Child With Natural Consequences

Think about the inevitable consequences of your own actions and stop power struggles that can come with penalties from old school without being the bad man. When I was a child, discipline meant that my parents revoked my favorite privileges when I was misconducted. Hit my brother ?- Hit my brother? A week’s no Internet. Have my jobs not been done? Forget about the mall ride. This method reigned not only in my house but in everybody else’s home; it was the MO I knew. While this classic disciplined approach can help children cooperate in the short term and, research has now demonstrated that this is not the best way to teach lifelong classes. Jane, the Positive Discipline series creator, says: “Children don’t grow when they feel threatened. The child may meet the expectations because he is worried that what will happen if it doesn’t–instead of doing the right thing and the wrong thing.

Discipline Your Child With Natural Consequences:

Experts urge us nowadays to empower our children to feel what they call the normal consequences of their actions. If your child decides to wear his Jacket, need him to be cold — and the next time, he’s probably not going to fight. Further participation for adults is logical consequences, but it is also related to misconduct: if your child runs into the middle of the road, he will hold his hand for the remainder of your trip. That link helps your child learn the consequences of his acts and understand them.

30 Little Things to Do for Children

While these little things may seem meaningless to you, with your little ones, they go a long way. Here are a few simple ways to make your child happy.

Little Things to Do

1. Wear the necklace of macaroni to work. Okay, at least until the door is closed. 2. Tape the refrigerator door with a family motto or slogan (Unstoppable! We will, we must! We have this!) and use it whenever your child feels disheartened. 3. Go with only one child for a run. 4. Slip a message into her lunch box (and an optional piece of chocolate). 5. Build next to him your own Minecraft world. 6. Say “yes” to something that is normally infinite, such as lying on the table. 7. Display as much excitement as they do on trips in the amusement park. 8. If you quarrel with your child, make sure he sees you make up as well. 9. Looks like a wave washed through her house, close the door and carry on with your life. 10. Skype or do FaceTime now and again with your grandmother. 11. If your son has done it well, but he is still unhappy and depressed, and he really wants to leave the squad, show him your blessing. 12. Keep going: let your 4-year-old puddle go through every puddle. Even without boots from rain.

Before “Parenting” – Raise yourself!

It’s not an ancient secret that Humans beings are different in different civilizations, races, and geo-locations but, the main theme of “Parenting” is always been the same. What is that? It’s to prepare the newborn human child for the world to survive when we are not around anymore. But, it’s not that simple for humans. Is it?
Have you ever asked yourself if it’s true? Are we actually born different? If you have ever wondered and have an open mind to logically observe, you would know very much clear that human beings are not actually different when they are born except skin color, gender, and body structure. Our mind and intelligence is actually the main considerable factor what makes us different from others. We all contain the same mind and quality until influenced by nature and the teaching of the people around us. Not necessarily we always need to be taught. We observe and learn from our sounding which is a key function of intelligent superior beings. And that is the reason why children always ask so many questions. Everything is a mystery to them. They are always eager to learn and explore new things and it’s a crime in parenting to stop a child’s question or curiosity. That way we are limiting the possibilities of developing greatness.
So, what is the summary here? All human children are the same on mother earth and we are only different when grown up. The end result is based on what we have accumulated from our soundings and what we have taught over the time when we grew up. We all probably heard that childhood is the perfect time to plant the correct seed and it’s the time to determine how the tree will be. How the subconscious mind is shaped most likely will always remain the same. That’s why we say that people can never change. It’s an eternal truth we know without realizing the meaning.

What Should Say to Encourage Children?

In the years since my grandma was gone, I’m still inspired to see the good people in my life and when I remember a time she’d pause those good times and say, “This is too good.” now this day, I can hear my mother trying to encourage me when I try something new. Her voice of faith from childhood keeps giving me confidence right now. Yet eighteen years since my dad died, Still I can imagine him saying, “Lighten up, Judy!” In times of complete self-doubt yet shame, I still allow myself to think of him singing, “Oops, you’ve made a mistake, and you’re wonderful to me.”
Which ones do you like to remind them of?
What words do you say to your kids every day?
What do you think would stick with your children for the rest of their lives?
Words of encouragement from my grandparents and parents to have remained with you. Statements can, of course, become worthless if they are not accompanied by practice, but nevertheless, statements have great power. Getting up with some encouraging words for children or meaningful things to utter tips the scales to the goodness you want your kids to emulate. You never know your children’s words of encouragement that they carry for years.

60 Encouraging Things to Say to Children

Should this list inspire you to say something to your child:

8 Ways to Supporting The Shy Child

Supporting The Shy Child

Most children are shy. When you understand that what this word actually means that you may agree having a shy child. That is, after all, it’s not such a negative quality. And shyness can be a child’s support or impairment, depending on part on how it is treated.

If Shyness Assists a Child

Shyness is not a flaw but a feature of personality. Some of the most charming people I’ve ever met are reserved. These individuals tend to be attentive listeners, private individuals who exude a warm atmosphere without even saying a word. That drew me to Martha was shyness. In my senior year in medical school, we gathered at a fraternity party. She stood in the middle of a group of my boisterous frat brothers. All talked except her. She never listened. Her eyes met with those of all the others. She smiled but kept her presence quiet. She wasn’t outgoing so she made it easy for all the extroverts around her. “What a lovely person to be around,” I said. There was nothing glamorous about her, and her body language. With a friendly attitude, I approached and said: “There’s a guy who’s cool to be next to.” I called her that day and the rest is a beautiful story.
You don’t need to apologize for saying, “He’s a shy kid,” or “She is introvert” particularly in front of your little one. There is nothing wrong with being reserved, and a lot right. Many people usually don’t understand the shyness and are timid about having a problem. And they think a shy child needs to suffer from a poor self-image. The mark couldn’t be any more unjust for the most part. Most shy kids have a good understanding of their self. We have an inner peace that shines; they’d catch the light if the extroverts were silent for long enough.

Five ways to connect with the children for busy parents

Organizational specialist reviewing research on human development and advising many families. For parents who want to spend more quality time with their children, here are five tips. I see you, parent, optimistic. In your career and personal life, you have always been capable of working hard and meeting your goals. You add the same commitment and effort to help your kids do things right now that you’re a parent. Your household may be (or similar to) a well-oiled machine, and you may have an intricate system to ensure that your children do their homework, eat their lettuce, have enough sleep, and make it a better time for soccer. First of all, consider yourself very lucky if this sounds like your reality. However, you can’t help but feel that nobody— not you or the kids— seems to have plenty of time to interact. It’s all the time going-go.


I spent four years analyzing human development studies (and training parents from around the world for almost 30 years) in depth. I’m a single mother, too. I’ve incorporated these observations to create a simple parenting system, part of which is a parent profile. I call parents in the category above the “good doer.” (To be fair, not all high-end parents fall into that category, though many do.) Responsible doers are extremely productive and very structured — they love the feeling that tasks are crossed off a to-do list. As a result, they find it difficult to slow down to their children’s pace. There are, after all, no checklists on how to communicate with your child psychologically.
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