About Us

We focus on evidenced-based empirical research and neuroscience studies that can help parents promote healthy brain development as well as the best outcomes in their children.

Our mission is to help parents raise a new generation of children who are healthy, happy, successful and well-adjusted without relying on only anecdotes, opinions or doctrine.

Parenting is a subject many people hold strong opinions about usually based on their own experiences or beliefs.

We all want the best for our children, but sometimes accurate information is hard to come by and therefore, we often rely on wisdom passed down through generations.

While some traditional parenting beliefs are right on, a lot has been debunked by science.

Scientists and psychologists now know much more about child development than ever before. From the latest psychology research and neuroscience discoveries, we can understand the nuts and bolts of best parenting practice from a scientific point of view.Parents can now confidently choose parenting strategies that have been proven to be good for our children, both on the inside (mental health) and the outside (physical health).