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    Five ways to connect with the children for busy parents

    Organizational specialist reviewing research on human development and advising many families. For parents who want to spend more quality time with their children, here are five tips. I see you, parent, optimistic. In your career and personal life, you have always been capable of working hard and meeting your goals. You add the same commitment and effort to help your kids do things right now that you’re a parent. Your household may be (or similar to) a well-oiled machine, and you may have an intricate system to ensure that your children do their homework, eat their lettuce, have enough sleep, and make it a better time for soccer. First of all,…

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    Tips for quality time spent with your child

    Let’s face it, it’s a busy life! The days pass in the blink of an eye between the duties of work and life. Some parents worry they’re not spending enough time with their kids, worrying if this will lead to delays in progress. Many parents feel bad about working full time or feel anxious about choosing to workout or go to dinner with friends. In contrast to this depression, social media posts from stay-at-home mothers who can take their kids to the local zoo or focus on colors and the alphabet with them. But don’t worry! A new study in the Journal of Marriage and Family examines the effect on the…

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    How to avoid saying “no”

    Perhaps the term “no” doesn’t resonate with your two-year-old, or you might just want to add a more positive spin to the punishment. Luckily, there’s plenty of alternatives–and for good reason–to this overused order. Children are often resistant to the term, and it may take ten nos to get your kid/child to react. When trying t o keeep your son out o f trouble o r telling him right to wrong, find a… a better, and more effective aapproach than for the term “n.” What you can do? You can’t rely on a two-year-old to manage himself, no matter how strongly you tell him to stop doing what he does.…

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    5 Crafts Children’s Will Make A Good Cause

    Parents magazine has partnered with charitable organizations across the country to develop programs that benefit children and animals in need, while at the same time teaching your own children the true spirit. Cuddly Creatures The charity: Enchanted Makeovers deals for women and children living in shelters. The project: Turn colorful socks are into a fun doll. Begin by filling a fresh cushioned cushion sock; cover it with glue or rubber band. Then have your child slice off felt facial features, arms, wings, and more. She can arrange those features and stick to them with tacky glue. After that, the parent can do further protect thee felt features with simple hand-stitching…

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    13 Ways to raise a child that is loving and caring

    You are the primary teacher of your child when it comes to kindness. Here’s how empathy can be built as a character trait and quality in your child. Like so many activities, kindness is a trait that kids learn over time and practice. Luckily, you can do many things to inspire your child to be a childlike, gentler person. First of all, you should share books that inspire kindness. Research finds that people’s desire for support and comfort is just as normal as being self-centered or negative. “It’s almost as if we are born predisposed to be disturbed by the suffering of others,” says Alfie Kohn, writer of Everyday Life’s…


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