Before “Parenting” – Raise yourself!

It’s not an ancient secret that Humans beings are different in different civilizations, races, and geo-locations but, the main theme of “Parenting” is always been the same. What is that? It’s to prepare the newborn human child for the world to survive when we are not around anymore. But, it’s not that simple for humans. Is it?
Have you ever asked yourself if it’s true? Are we actually born different? If you have ever wondered and have an open mind to logically observe, you would know very much clear that human beings are not actually different when they are born except skin color, gender, and body structure. Our mind and intelligence is actually the main considerable factor what makes us different from others. We all contain the same mind and quality until influenced by nature and the teaching of the people around us. Not necessarily we always need to be taught. We observe and learn from our sounding which is a key function of intelligent superior beings. And that is the reason why children always ask so many questions. Everything is a mystery to them. They are always eager to learn and explore new things and it’s a crime in parenting to stop a child’s question or curiosity. That way we are limiting the possibilities of developing greatness.
So, what is the summary here? All human children are the same on mother earth and we are only different when grown up. The end result is based on what we have accumulated from our soundings and what we have taught over the time when we grew up. We all probably heard that childhood is the perfect time to plant the correct seed and it’s the time to determine how the tree will be. How the subconscious mind is shaped most likely will always remain the same. That’s why we say that people can never change. It’s an eternal truth we know without realizing the meaning.

“Parenting” – What does it mean!


Meaning of parenting:

At first you must understand what the word “Parenting” itself stands for. The foundation or beginning is very important. So, let’s be very specific before we explore! One must know what the purpose is. If we don’t know where the destination is, we might always take the wrong way.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Parent”? How you feel about your father and Mother or someone who raised you. Not to follow but to understand what they did and why they did. Honestly, it depends on your age.

If we break down Human life by its age or lifetime, we can recognize twelve stages depending on the realization and contribution. Nine stages, if we strictly consider the age only. Obviously it’s not something like unbreakable law and we are not the creator of the human race. Not every human has the same realization at a particular point of life. We are the different and evolve differently throughout our whole life. That is the most beautiful thing about humans and that is what makes us unique. We will explain in depth Some day.

spend-time-with-your-childDuring your early childhood from 3-6 years duration you see someone who will answer all of your questions. Someone, who will company you, participate and tell you “how” & “why” not “what”. Just like a very dear friend.

Now, this relation can stay the same always through lifetime. But, we are humans and we are misguided by our emotions. Due to our actions and behavior, this relation changes dramatically.

Online Education – Different Degrees And Their Sources

It’s been a year since countries started imposing COVID-19 lockdowns. And let’s face it: no one thought their plans would face such a setback. But even so, people are finding new ways to realize their dreams.

One such way is to pursue online education. It provides a unique opportunity for students sitting around during quarantine. Sure, you might not get that campus experience. But pursuing an online degree has its perks.

For one, you can have a great deal of freedom in deciding your workload. The costs are less on average, and you can get special attention and curated courses. All this will be yours from the comfort of your home. And you don’t have to expose yourself to the risk of catching the virus.

That’s why we’re here to help you. We’ve laid out a list of different online degrees that you can pursue right now. Read on and find out how you can enrich yourself – even at home!

Source: William Fortunato, pexels

Best Online Degrees Right Now And Their Sources 

Online Social Worker Degree

Have you ever wanted to make a positive impact? Do you see that kid crying on the street and wish you could make it better? Then being a social worker is something you should consider. A degree in social work will not only open doors, but it will also help you put a smile on people’s faces.

You’ll learn a lot of crucial skills through an online social worker degree. Client-handling, clear communication, and empathy are some of them. What’s more, you can transfer these skills to other fields later down the road. But the best part is all the excellent work you’ll be doing. You’ll learn how to work in diverse fields. Drug abuse prevention, hospitals, elderly care, childcare are only a few of them.

The Layman’s Guide To Car Insurance Quotes

So, you bought a sick new ride with your last paycheck. You can’t wait to take your car out for a long drive. But then a nagging thought hits you. What if I damage my precious car? How will I deal with all the repairs and maintenance?

Well, you’re not alone. Many like you cover all the repair costs. But we’re here to say you don’t need to bear all that. How? With car insurance, of course! You can sit back and relax while your insurance carrier covers the costs. But hold on. You still need to pay a certain amount of money to get the insurance payout. That amount is the car insurance quote. Thus, it’s essential to get the best car insurance quotes

Worry not, we’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you how to find the best insurance quotes out there. We’ll help you compare car insurance quotes to find the best value for your money.

Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

How Do I Search For Car Insurance Quotes?

There are many ways you can search for a car insurance quote. Here are some we’ve listed below.

Click Here To Find Your Best Insurance Quote For FREE


As always, the Internet has the answers you seek. Looking for online car insurance quotes is a great idea when testing the waters. You can find curated lists online that present all the details you need.

Different insurance types, companies, and quote rates are only the tip of the iceberg. You can get specialized comparisons between different car insurance quotes. That way, you can have a bucket list of options from which you can choose.

Child Development Stages : Five Important Stages

Child sleeping peacefully
Hello! Mom, you think you need to know how to develop your baby. We set here five stages of child development for your help. So, let’s see what was said below.

Baby for more than 4 months

New born children
4 months baby.

Introduction to solids

It’s an exciting time for some, upsetting for others! Signs that your child is ready to start eating solids include keeping their head straight, being able to sit up helped, missing their initial tongue thrust, and showing signs that they are involved in what you eat. Their first food experiences set up their nutritional habits, so make sure they have good first tastes!

Baby for more than 6 months

Happy childrens

Source: Google

6 months baby with mom.

Expansion of taste

As the appetite of your baby begins to grow, it’s now a great time to add different textures and tastes to the mix. Begin by incorporating a wider range of flavors such as meat, dairy, and grains into the feeding routine of your infant.

Baby for more than 8 months

Happy child Child Development Stages

Source: Google

An 8 months baby is crawling.

Progress in Texture

Your baby’s going to get very excited. Frustration is normal as they would like to experiment as they develop their chewing and motor skills and become Little independent eaters. Now it’s a good time to teach more complex recipes and provide them with the option of feeding themselves as they want to have more control over what they eat.

The Most Dog Friendly Cities In The World

Best Dog friendly city-parentingadvisory


Best Dog friendly city-parentingadvisory

Best Dog-friendly city

Are your towns nice to the dogs? Travel around these towns and you would be in shock to find out how they handle their pups. We think of ways in which dogs can play, sit in a chair next to the owner at a local cafe, and be regarded as royalty! Dog lovers will meet with your 4 pawed pal in these big cities around the world for pleasure!

Seattle, Washington

Man and woman sitting on a park bench with a dog on a leash.

Were you aware that inside Seattle, Washington, there are more dogs than babies? The more we remember, the more we realize how close are puppies and babies! Firstly, both are beautiful. Secondly, doggy daycare costs as much as childcare. Last but not least, anything and everything you might do with them.

New York, New York

New York-parentingadvisory

New York boasts some of the world’s chicest puppies, Gucci heads, and Swarovski-Cristal leashes. In fact, anybody who takes a rescue animal in NY gets at the end of the year a $500 tax credit! Don’t buy it, carry it!

Santa Barbara, California


Santa Barbara is a coastal town with its own beach for puppies. Get set for your best friend on the waves. Because it is open all year!

Paris, France

Paris, France-parentingadvisory

Was the town of love amazing thought? Paris allows dogs in cafes. Oh! they’re having their own seats. It was a huge change!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin dog parentingadvisory

What To Watch While Quarantined

These days we all know the drill after Coronavirus took over, stayed home, and stayed home. All right, then we follow the rules and count the tiles on the floor to pass the boredom. It just lasts so long, unfortunately, until we have been back in the position to pull out our hair. Fortunately, this is why we have to give you the best Netflix shows you’ve been able to watch right now. Take some popcorn and some other snacks you may like, and get ready for these shows because we will rock your house. This might bring some motivation to you and your child.



source: Netflix

This first Netflix is a family comedy that centers on a boy with autism, who navigates the world of school, teachers, and relatives. It provides one of the most detailed examples of the disease and is an outstanding collection for all ages.

Locke & Key


This thriller Netflix PG 13 will take you to a magical adventure world that will allow you to rescue your mommy from your seats. Or we’re infants over here. Like that. This display, however, is enticing and distracts your mind from the turmoil of the COVID-19. Pay attention, some keys around your home can call to you. What we are talking about is confused? You will wait, I suppose, to find out.


TOY BOY netflix-parentingadvisory | What to watch

Source: Netflix

This first Spanish Netflix is all the TV play we want. It is writing, charming, and scandalous, which means our eyes will be completely untouched. This Latin drama should keep you on track, regardless of whether you know the Spanish language or not. So come and watch Hugo on his quest to prove his innocence after seven years in jail for killing his lover’s boyfriend. And it is certainly impossible to avoid looking because of the infinite number of attractive guys. Good Luck!

5 Simple Tips On How To Talk With Kids About The Corona Virus

Coronavirus impacts all of us. The kids of the planet are vulnerable to sickness, quarantine, or likely to separation. 30 million children in the United States alone are at great risk, dependent upon the school for both schooling and health. Today, your gift will help Save the children and our No Kid Hungry affiliate and make sure they have the funding they need for classrooms and outreach programs.


You are not alone. You are not alone. We provide parents, schools, and societies with information and guidance on coronavirus (COVID-19) and babies, the world’s leading childhood specialist. We work together to protect our babies, whatever it takes. This is how to direct your child’s conversation.

  • Make your behavior on a child-based basis – decide whether more or less nervous details would cause you.
  • Ask what your kid knows, answer your questions, and respond to any misinformation.
  • Confirm your feelings and remind you – “This could be disturbing I understand. We take action to remain safe and we are happy.
  • Remind them of all that they can – they vigorously and always wash their faces, cough and sneeze into their arm, sleep enough, etc.
  • Model good hygiene, and try to make it fun! Sing a favorite song while scrubbing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

For more information on coronaviruses and how Save children’s teams do our best to prepare for safe and happy babies, to know more please click here


Immune D-5: The Secret of your Strong Immunity

Immune D-5


Immune D-5


What is Immune D-5?

Immunity is the new buzzword among health fanatics and the general population alike and it gained even more traction, especially in the light of the pandemic. This is where Immune D-5 comes in with all its medicinal attributes. Immune D-5 uses organic mushrooms famous for containing medical compounds in its preparation. Furthermore, they have been scientifically proven to boost nutrition in its users. In addition, Immune D-5 is prepared from the mushrooms to have been carefully handpicked to strengthen the immune system to its peak. Immune D-5 is both scientifically and analytically tested without any added grains, starch or fillers. It is just made of pure mushrooms. It provides its users with remarkable features such as pathogen defense, antioxidant protection, inflammation relief, vital organ support, and most importantly blood sugar regulation. Each bottle of Immune D-5 contains 90 capsules.


Immune D-5 Capsuls

Some of the most remarkable features of Immune D-5 are:

License Immune D-5

  • USDA Organic
  • Full Cycle & Fruit Body
  • No added fillers
  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy & Nut Free
  • Not GMO
  • Made in the USA
  • Tested and verified to contain >20% beta-D glucans
  • No added fillers contain <5% starch


What is Immunity?

Immunity is the defense mechanism of the human body consisting of white blood cells. Immunity is the single most important source of living. Without immunity, we would cease to exist. The slightest dysfunction in the immune system can lead to dangerous health hazards. The immune system is the first and line of defense against external pathogens and other malicious entities. With the exponential increase in artificial food and subsequent consumption, human health is at an all-time high risk. Therefore, to kickstart and reboot our immune system, we need a sufficient dosage of essential vitamins and nutrients that are mandatory for our body’s safekeeping.

Education in Early Childhood

Education in Early Childhood-parenting advisory


Education in Early Childhood-parenting advisory

Source: Google

Education is one of the five basic needs of life. It regulates human behavior and mentality. A person is wild if he is not properly educated. He also suffers in the long run in different ways.
In our society, education is mentioned primarily as the weapon for making a living. But in the truest sense, education goes beyond that. It is impossible to resolve the need and importance of education.
Since childhood is the basic phase of life, from birth to 8 years old, it is the most vulnerable and crucial moment for a person. It is also the time for a person to complete their basic training. There is a saying: the stronger the base, the taller the building. If one can have good directions in his youth, he must never be lost in the long run.
However, it is said that most of our children do not receive proper early and primary education, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Today, in this content, we will talk about improved methods of early childhood education that can improve our children’s concepts in the first place.

Why is early education so important?

The first years (0 to 8 years) are the most extraordinary phase of growth and development in a child’s life. The basis of all learning is established in these years. Finding the right basis has great advantages for the future: better learning at school and in higher education, which generates great social and economic benefits for society. Research shows that high-quality early learning, early childhood education and early childhood development (ECA) help to reduce the risk of early school leaving and renewed crime, as well as improving outcomes at all levels of the economy.

The principal role payer in early childhood education

Education in Early Childhood-parenting advisory

Source: Google

Five Food You Think Are Healthy But Aren’t

Healthy Eating Habit

It’s not only deceiving to find that some of the “healthy” foods we buy are very bad for us. Nobody loves to turn the pedals, but many of us waste too much time and energy on making good food decisions that contribute to us. We all know that we should maintain a healthy eating habit, but how many of us really maintain it?

None of us wants to make this error so it is important to get acquainted with traditional fast foods that are mistaken as nutritious foods.

Reading: The healthiest diet was determined for 2020

Here are five important ones to know:

1. Granola


Granola is a balanced snack and it appears real at first glance. Unfortunately, oatmeal usually contains harmful glyphosate . the key ingredient in Roundup added to the California list of chemical products considered by the state to be cancer. (It is made with oatmeal, dried fruits, or nuts, right?)

Granola can be a sugar bombshell by combining dried fruit and additional sugar sources like honey, maple syrup, and cocoa sugar. Even the negative news isn’t it. If you stick with organic goods without adding sugar or making your own granola at home fast!

2. Greek Yogurt


Greek Yogurt

“But the protein is good! “A Greek yogurt lover’s chorus yells. Greek yogurt, with about 19 grams of protein per serving, is high in protein. It contains even healthy bacteria that can support the gastrointestinal tract.

Yet orogens are of interest when you eat cow’s milk yogurt daily. Studies have shown that hormones can affect the endocrine system in milk products, and that yogurt is sadly one of the most popular suppliers of milk products in the United States.

How to Take Care of Your Children, If You Are Infected by COVID-19

kids protection in covid 19

Parenting is not an easy task to do, especially when it comes to taking care of multiple kids. You may need the help of caregivers, relatives, friends, and your partner for children’s care support.
The coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on our mental health. As for the parents, it has become a mind-numbing task to take care of their children so that they don’t get infected.
But what if you are the one who is infected by COVID-19? How can you deal with this problem and care for your kids at the same time? Read on to find the answers to all your questions.

COVID-19 Affecting Adults and Children

Source: Google

COVID-19 Affecting Adults and Children

About 4.85 million people and their families in 190 countries are now suffering from this global pandemic- SARS-CoV-2. While people of any age can get infected by COVID-19, children are less likely to become severely ill. They don’t suffer from respiratory distress or show other severe symptoms.
With age, our immune systems change, making us stronger or weaker in different ways. Our bodies become more vulnerable to diseases like this one. That’s why adults are more likely to show severe symptoms of COVID-19 than children.
You should not ignore any safety measures just because they are less likely to get infected. This is because, over the last few weeks, over 100 cases of children being hospitalized with severe symptoms have been reported.

A Guide to Taking Care of Children When Infected by COVID-19

Source: Google

A Guide to Taking Care of Children When Infected by COVID-19

Coronavirus pandemic has stripped the children’s caregiver network from us. Whether you are already suffering from this grave illness or not, you need to make some plans in advance. To help you with that, we have mentioned some essential measures that you need to take while being sick. Check them out!

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