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Before “Parenting” – Raise yourself!


It’s not an ancient secret that Humans beings are different in different civilizations, race and geo locations but, the main theme of “Parenting” is always been the same. What is that? It’s to prepare the newborn human child for the world to survive when we are not around anymore. But, it’s not that much simple for humans. Is it?

Have you ever asked yourself if it’s true? Are we actually born different? If you have ever wondered and have an open mind to logically observe, you would know very much clearly that human beings are not actually different when they are born except the skin color, gender and body structure. Our mind and intelligence is actually the main considerable factor what makes us different from others. We all contain the same mind and quality until influenced by the nature and the teaching of the people around us. Not necessarily we always need to be taught. We observe and learn from our sounding which is a key function of intelligent superior beings. And that is the reason why children’s always ask so many questions. Everything is a mystery to them. They are always eager to learn and explore new things and it’s a crime in parenting to stop a child’s question or curiosity. That way we are limiting the possibilities of developing greatness.

So, what is the summary here? All human children are the same on mother earth and we are only different when grown up. The end result is based on what we have accumulated from our soundings and what we have taught over the time when we grew up. We all probably heard that the childhood is the perfect time to plant the correct seed and it’s the time to determine how the tree will be. How the subconscious mind is shaped most likely will always remain the same. That’s why we say that people can never change. It’s an eternal truth we know without realizing the meaning.

We never observe that closely. If we do, every human is the perfect reflection of someone particular or combination of a few of that certain age. If explained easily, we are the resemblance of the person we admire or grown up looking up to during the particular age period where we currently are. If no child is influenced, all of them will be the same. We should only answer their questions and fuel their curiosity to explore. Ideal parents should only let their kids know about the outcome of every action and not influence their decision. We always worried and in confusions about what decision we should take for our kids where they should be able take their own decisions. They will be, if we stop trying to drive them. We should only be guiding them and teaching them about the results without telling them what to do and what not to. Parents should inspire their children’s to not only take decisions but, also be responsible for the result of the action what they have judged to be most appropriate according to the situation. This should always be like that right?

Now, do you remember that we are the most intelligent creatures on this earth? We just don’t learn by listening. We actually learn by observing. To be accurate, we actually observe what the person is actually doing according to the situation. If we don’t mean it, it’s not going to matter what we have said. If we say something and do something else, it will send wrong message. If we say something is bad and do that anyway, our kids will follow that anyway. First we need to be the person who we want our next generation to be. The fruit tastes according to how the soil is. Every tree turns to the direction of the sunlight. You are presenting a life to the universe. And it should be at its best. So, start thinking if you haven’t already!

“Parenting” – What does it mean!


Meaning of parenting:

At first you must understand what the word “Parenting” itself stands for. The foundation or beginning is very important. So, let’s be very specific before we explore! One must know what the purpose is. If we don’t know where the destination is, we might always take the wrong way.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Parent”? How you feel about your father and Mother or someone who raised you. Not to follow but to understand what they did and why they did. Honestly, it depends on your age.

If we break down Human life by its age or lifetime, we can recognize twelve stages depending on the realization and contribution. Nine stages, if we strictly consider the age only. Obviously it’s not something like unbreakable law and we are not the creator of the human race. Not every human has the same realization at a particular point of life. We are the different and evolve differently throughout our whole life. That is the most beautiful thing about humans and that is what makes us unique. We will explain in depth Some day.

spend-time-with-your-childDuring your early childhood from 3-6 years duration you see someone who will answer all of your questions. Someone, who will company you, participate and tell you “how” & “why” not “what”. Just like a very dear friend.

Now, this relation can stay the same always through lifetime. But, we are humans and we are misguided by our emotions. Due to our actions and behavior, this relation changes dramatically.

If the wrong direction is taken, the realization will be change. This is nature of life. So, it was about how it should be. Now lot ’stalk about what generously happen. This is the harsh reality coming. Rude but true.

During ages (6-11) parents experience the most challenging time of parenthood. In most scenarios we see that during middle and late childhood, children’s consider their parents like some kind of restraint or boundary. Which is keeping them away from something exciting, something very compelling but, unknown. This is the basic nature of human mind which comes from natural courtesy. The more you restrict the more it will try to break free.


Bring the change that you want to see

It’s the time to reborn. During   12-20 years we go through the biggest changes of our life both mentally and physically. During this time nothing actually exists. Neither the parents nor the whole world. We react and take purely based on our realization and raw feeling. This is the time when parents should make their child’s that “I’m here for you”. If they fail to establish their presence now. There will be no room for correction. Not anymore!

If positive expression is made, we seek for advice and guideline to our parents during early adulthood. Otherwise   it’s just a regular human ton human relation on guardian who abandoned their responsibilities.

Parenting-AdviceLater during middle and mature adulthood, it’s about the parents that make the impressions anymore. We grow wiser and realize many things. We know what matters and what doesn’t. In this point it’s about the judgment. We understand and become grateful for what we have got. We learn to appreciate and they have done whatever they could.

We always hope for the ending to be well and it does eventually. But, it should be always like how it started. It’s just because sometimes we don’t have the proper understanding of our role. Parenting is the greatest responsibility with pride and self-satisfaction. This is the point where we start to get lost. It’s not about teaching, it’s about guiding. There is a very little differences. It’s about supporting and making recommendation, not enforcing the actions. We have to be selfless not selfish. When you produce something it should be one step better than you. It’s a very rude or cruel thing to say to any parent but, it’s close to crime to parent a human mind.

You shouldn’t make any decision for your child. You should just provide the insight and the results of the actions. They should be free to choose and able to make the decisions judging the outcome.

We have to be very honest and straight. It’s not about being correct. It’s about being right. If you know something, answer it. If you don’t know, admit and show the right direction. You shouldn’t influence their decision. Also you need to protect them from the external influences as well. The society will try to slope them with a format but life should be free. What they need is a friend not a ruler. Your child is not your property. It just came through you but, not yours only.

If you make a decision for them and try to enforce they will act against you when they got the taste of a more pleasant alternative. Which might right not be good for them. It’s the nature of human mind. That’s why they should make their own decision. Whatever you say you have to mean it. Otherwise4 they will not trust. There is no guaranty that you are more intelligent than your child.


Parenting is like gardening. You have got a life in the term of your child. You should only protect it from bad influences and let it grow by itself. If you try to press a format it will go reverse just to feel independent because it never had the taste of freedom. We are just little older than our children’s but, that doesn’t make us superior from them.

Just consider your child as one more person who has the right to be independent.

We try to make our children’s attached to us when we actually should prepare them to survive alone when we are not around. Otherwise we are failed as parents.

CORONA OR COVID – 19, How we can save ourselves from it!


What is coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are one kind of virus that causes different kinds of illnesses in the human body. A newly discovered type of Coronavirus is now known to us as COVID-19. It has caused a recent outbreak of breathing illness. The spreading of this new coronavirus is analyzed across the world by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization and research institutions such as Johns Hopkins.


COVID-19 is a virus that sparked in December 2019 by the emergence of a new coronavirus in China. 

One can spread COVID-19 from human to human. Diagnosis has been made with a clinical study. There is no particular way of cure or vaccine has been made yet for this virus.  

When and how was Coronavirus discovered?

COVID-19 began to appear in December 2019, in Wuhan, a city in China. Although the specific origin of this new coronavirus is still being investigated by medical authorities, preliminary reports suggested it could be related to a seafood market in Wuhan, China. Many persons who visited the market formed viral pneumonia due to the current coronavirus.

A research that came out during Jan. 25, 2020, reports that on Dec. 1, 2019, the patient with the first confirmed case was sick and has no connection to the market of seafood. Inquiries of how this virus developed and spread are continuing.

How does it spread?

COVID-19 can be transferred through cough molecules, sneezes and bodily fluids from person to person. COVID-19 was detected and has been confirmed as a pandemic by people around the world. This is believed that the virus transfers mostly from person to person. It transfers easily among people in direct contact with each other who don’t maintain a minimum gap of 3 feet between them. It can also spread shortly by someone’s breathing droplets or when he/she cough or sneeze.

Signs of COVID-19

COVID-19 signs include

– Cough

– Fever

– Breathing difficulties

– Sore Throat 

– Tiredness

This can be extreme, causing death in some cases.

Remedies for a COVID-19 patient

– Take enough rest and sleep

– Keep warm in the patient’s room

– Drink plenty of liquids (warm water, saline, fruit juices)

– Eat fruits contains Vitamin-C

– Avoid cold foods

Use a room cleanser or a warm bath to help relieve a sore throat and coughing

How we can protect ourselves from COVID-19

There is no particular cure for the virus as of yet. Patients who are sick from COVID-19 will be provided with interventions of support: those that alleviate symptoms. Specific treatment options can exist for serious cases like clinical drugs and therapeutics. One should take these following steps to protect himself/herself :

– Using a face mask is able to protect you from viruses or dirt while you are in a gathering of people who can save you from coronavirus preliminarily. Keep at least a 3 feet gap from other people in the crowdy place. You don’t have to wear a face mask if you’re not ill unless a corona patient is cared for.

– For at least 20 seconds, we can wash our hands frequently with hand wash liquid or soap and water. You can sing a Happy Birthday Song while washing your hands. The countdown for 20 seconds could be easier in this way. You should wash your hands whenever you are in a crowded place or when you scratched your nose, coughing or sneezing.

-You should cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or wipe or with your elbow whenever you cough and sneeze. It helps to rescue others from the germ that comes outside through cough and sneeze.


– Use a hand sanitizer with at 60 percent higher alcohol if soap and water are not readily available. Cover and rub the hands so that they feel warm.

– Stop using dirty hands to brush your hair, nose, and mouth. After coming from outside, never touch your mouth or nose without washing properly.

– Clean and wash commonly touched surfaces and areas every day. Tables, door locks, light switches, countertops, handles, chairs, telephones, keys, toilets, showerheads, and sinks, etc.

-Try to drink warm water after coming back from outside because the coronavirus stays lively for only 2 hours in our throat. We can destroy the virus immediately by drinking warm water if you are affected by it in the last 2 hours.

– Do not go outside without having any necessary needs. Stay home to be safe from the virus. Staying home can mostly save you from the attack of this virus

These Common Grocery Products are the Reason Why Your Bills Shoot Up


Prices of all food products rose by 26.8 percent during the last decade, which exceeded the rate of inflation of 21.9 percent during the same decade. High oil prices, which increase the shipping cost, droughts, and floods, are key factors influencing food prices over time, which causes significant product shortages and an increasing appetite for expensive food from the affluent global population.

These factors have increased overall demand and food prices for a long period, but in the short run food supply/demand varies due to weather, disease outbreaks and changes in consumer preference. In addition, the price surges faster than most other food items have led to factors such as 2015 avian influenza, California drought and costly organically grown food in the United States and milk & food products in developing countries.

Butter and Margarine

Price increase in a decade: 54.9%

Butter in WWII was the most popular spread of 2010 because of shortages and butter rationing that forced Americans to replace margarine by the middle of the fifties. As the health effects of saturated fats on butter and milk products were neglected, butter demand increased. While it is the replacement of butter and margarine with the increasing demand for one that corresponds to the fall in demand for the other, prices have both rose over the last decade. Butter prices rose by 42.1%, with margarine prices rising by 62.1% in the last decade, more rapidly than almost all food.

Uncooked Ground Beef

Price increase in a decade: 52.5%

The steep growth in the price of ground beef is largely attributed to a lack of beef supply in the country, as well as to a rising energy and feed price, which has occurred annually in the country’s main cattle-producing regions. As the average retail price of fresh beef grew in January 2007 from $3.63 a pound to $5.68 in December 2017, the per-capita consumption of beef in the United States dropped also by 15 percent.

Prescription drugs

Price increase in a decade: 43.9%

Despite significant competition in the sector, the prices of prescription drugs increased recently in major pharmaceutical companies. Prices have doubled since 2011 for 40 percent of the most sought after prescription drugs in the United States. In recent years, the demand for drugs has risen despite rising costs. As claimed by the CDC (Centers for the Control and Prevention of Disease) almost 50 percent of Americans use at least one prescribed drug per month, with demand growing over 2 decades.

Bacon and related products

Price increase in a decade: 41.6%

The constant price rise for bacon was due to the growing demand from consumers, combined with a large scarcity of pork supply. Only 14.0 million pounds were made available in January 2017 for stock-grade pork belly, a 70% decline over a decade ago, and the decline since 1957, the US says. Agriculture Department.

Uncooked beef steaks

Price increase in a decade: 41%

Salt, spices, and seasonings

Price increase in a decade: 36.5%

The growing demand and sales growth for gourmet salts, such as fleur de salt, sel gris and Himalayan salt, have been among the major factors leading to increased salt prices. Although the sharp rise in costs for this specific product with other products would reduce demand, the sodium consumption of the American population was not influenced in the last decade, according to the CDC.

You Have To Get Your Hands On These New Celebrity Brand Collaboration Items!


The effect of social media today is unprecedented, and some famous people are using it not only to market their own (new films, new music, and the likes), but also their products. However, not all famous people have product approval, there are those who made their own brands.

Even if the Olsen twins stay forever in mind as children stars in Hollywood, they are one of the few to be able to enter the worlds of fashion and now with millions in their kitty, they are very successful. We must remember how social media has been crucial to the achievement of the brainchild of Kylie Jenner, a startup company called Kylie Cosmetics. Jenner and her company had earned a whopping $420 million in revenues just over a year after their first lip kit was launched.

These famous entrepreneurs are making very brilliant use of their popularity, technology and social media. Why do you endorse other people’s products to sell and make them rich when you can create products yourself and market them, right? If you want to enrich a business owner with support, that company owner would be better off. These are probably what these renowned entrepreneurs have been thinking of, most of whom are starting new partnerships in 2020.

Dance with the New DNCE’s K-Swiss Kicks

The first is a partnership with the K-Swiss and the DNCE music band, who has Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers as their main man. Each of the music group members has a shoe design that meets their own personalities: Disco Kicks for JinJoo, Jack’s Lawless, Cole’s Everyone, and of course Joe, Come Find Me. You can choose the personality you like or just the design you love. Better still, why not “find all of you” and buy all of them!

Crate and Barrel Meets Draper James

We all know that Reese Witherspoon has a Draper James lifestyle brand. It’s like Witherspoon took the charm of the South, turning it into dresses and everyday items. Looking at the products from Draper James, in sunny weather, you can think of a pleasant day outside! What could be better for your coming summer barbecues than to use items from the Crate and Barrel and Draper James home products collaboration? The Draper James print drinks dispenser, you can buy home-consuming items such as towels, table cloths and this! If you get your hands on this co-operation, Summer would certainly be trendy and fun.

Kode with Klossy + Away

Karlie Kloss is currently one of the top modelers, with her most remarkable modeling features on Victoria Secret Lingerie’s advertises and runway shows. Indeed, since 2011 Kloss was a Victoria Secret Angel. And, if you are not aware of this, it took a period from 2015 to 2016 to concentrate on her studies. Kloss is a qualified computer programmer, as well as her skills on the catwalk. In order to enhance the know-how of young girls, especially coding, she started a Kode program with Klossy. She gives students free programs through the summer camps that they can not afford to study computer programming. Kode recently partnered with Klossy Away, a luggage company, to provide the baggage of their dreams for tech-savvy travelers. Away x Kode with Klossy offers a new collection that helps travelers arrange their appliances while traveling with style.

Katy Perry’s Collections Scented Jelly Sandals

What better way than sandals that smell like fruit, right, to walk into the sunny weather? Your feet may sweat, but your sandals at least will always smell fruity! Collections from Katy Perry may not be brand new, but they’re one of the new lines that emerge from them. The singer brand carries other footwear as well as sneakers and heels, all with excellent designs, as the famous singer likes.

The Best Free Wheelin Adventures in America


Let’s face it, travel has now become a part of our lifestyle and even our personality. A whole host of people save up, loan money and even start crowdfunding campaigns just to be able to travel and experience a fraction of what the world has to offer. Adventures give us amazing memories, which we often reminisce about in many days and years to come. This means that our travel and adventures “marinate” for a while, which is a valuable exercise nowadays, since we seem to be so perpetually busy with our lives and jobs, that a majority of what we monotonously do, passes by in a flash and is certainly gone —forever, without carrying any real meaning or emotion to it. But reliving our adventures time and again, lends us the capability and time to learn something from each and every one of them. But adventure can be expensive, right?

Finding budget thrills in the land of the brave is actually quite easy. What usually starts out as a trip can quickly turn into an adventure, without you even spending much money on it. If you love adventures, we are sure you can find your kick from surfing, chasing a storm and skiing… Nordic style. Not just braving the elements, adventures are about embracing and opening up to uniquely breathtaking experiences. Hear how you can learn something new, test your limits and find yourself through travel.


This equipment-free activity involves overcoming small climbing challenges on bounders. And one of the best spots you can indulge in this activity? Near Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California, which is considered to be one of the best bouldering spots in the world.

San Fran parkour

The parkour scene in SF is very welcoming while being quite developed, and it really doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie free-runner or a trained traceur, you’ll be working on your monkey vaults in no time! The fact that it’s free is just the icing on the cake.


If you visit Cordova, Alaska and travel along the roadside in Child’s Glacier during summer, you get to witness the fall of ice every 15-20 minutes. But if you head to the Chugach Mountains, you can actually walk up to a 27-mile glacier, located in Matanuska.

Nordic skiing

Lift passes are expensive, on-mountain lodging rates are off the charts and the runs crowded. Instead try your hand at Nordic Skiing in the snow of Higgins Lake, Michigan, where you can ski for just $8 per day on a well-kept 12-mile trail, that’s just waiting for you.

Life aquatic

Why not explore the National Marine Sanctuary located in the Florida Keys? You only need fins and a snorkel. This spot happens to be the earth’s 3rd largest reef and even houses the Christ of the Abyss statue, which is completely submerged.


No money? No board? Doesn’t matter. In Hawai’i’s Point Panic beach, right at the heart of every surfer’s mecca, is a place which is perfect for the ardent body-surfer. And because the boarders stay away, there’s no fighting for space on the waves.


A not-to-be-missed trail for this addictive activity is Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument and Peekaboo–Spooky Gulch Loop in Utah, which can be divided into 3-mile stretches, have a host of arches, ravines and slots to explore over the 3-hour walk/climb.

Deepwater soloing

Deepwater Soloing is basically rock climbing without the burden (and expenses) of any safety gear – and it’s basically just you, the rocks and gushing water below. One such perfect venue to host the adventurer in you is the expansive shoreline of Lake Powell.


Lake Placid, New York, in autumn may sound gloomy but you can go trail-running around the lake and discover the pathways that meander through 6 million acres of forest land in the Adirondack Mountains regions, just as the sky goes grey and the leaves all change their colors.


Bandon-by-the-Sea in Oregon is known for its fantastic beaches, and is also proudly known as the storm chasing capital of the world. When the storms approach, it’s serene beaches transform itself into a flurry of wave- and wind-whipped scene, while the Pacific rages on as winter approaches. To be safe, watch all the action from the comforts of the sand spires and stacks on Bullards Beach.

Little Hacks For Getting Transition Started


These little tips will help your military service spouse in transition.

Every year millions of military service members transition out of active duty. And those who are among them know very well how stressful and scary the process is!  You will always be his better half because you know what’s better for him and what motivates him at his best.

1. Be prepared for hard labor.

Everybody knows that looking for a job is seriously a tough job. It’s a time taking the process that demands patience and continues the effort. You are the one who has to encourage your husband in spite of knowing how stressful the job market is. Start for a job search as early as possible. And you have to help him at every little step, from making the resume to following up by phone because this his going to be his first time.

2. Start planning early!

The earlier you start talking about looking for jobs, the better. Only the most successful job seekers here are conscious that the secret to success is preparation. And military spouses are very popular to get children into DEERS by juggling PCS movements. They realize the value of small companies and address a big issue. Plan your place in the next 10 years accordingly. Try it easily, it will help you find your need.

3. Get it while the getting’s good.

Keep a plan B ready while your family is still active duty.  And military spouses have severals ways to help their spouse in job hunting. For employment, resources click here. Resources like employment office are helpful in such process.

4. Get yourself known on social media.

The Internet can also act as a good tool to start a transitional work search in addition to available resources. Social networking is a strong platform for making you acquainted and partially entertaining in today’s professional climate. Many recruiting professionals already have to search and recruit a potential applicant from Facebook, LinkedIn and other technical networking platforms such as Monster.com. See our professional quest quickly to help you make the best use of the Internet.

5. Never assume networking is begging.

After you have completed profiling and running online, you may start to contact people who might be able to assist you in connecting potential employers, mentors or consultants. Online networking is as true as physical communication. Networking can be a wonderful way to ease the strain your wife experiences as he begins to look for her own civil employment. networking is something that any military woman has done and knows how to use during her service. It’s time now to teach your man the same thing.

If you have issues with networking, here is a guide on how to continue and support both of you through the process.

6. Move where you can find jobs.

The best way to meet people, who can actually support you, particularly those, who can support you wherever you want to go next, is another crucial phase in working together effectively. Return to the places where the best work can be done. Take and just take the chance.

7. Family’s faith is a big part of a transition.

Regardless of the work situation of your family, the adjustment process can be a daunting one. Unemployment is also a major cultural shock. To them who served in the armed forces and struggle to jobs, this is also ego blast. It is the time that you still have to keep your spirit alive and accomplish concrete goals. Make sure everyone is ready for the transfer because it is necessary to succeed in the move.

In order to make your family this game of transition and the job search, make sure you read the tips for keeping your spirits up during a job hunt.

Image result for veteran with his wife looking for job

And don’t forget to keep boosting his confidence and be his role model. Show him how to do things that you have been doing all this alone.

Why You Should Try Traveling Alone At Least Once in Your Life


They say that people cannot simply live without a company, which can be true in a way. It is what makes us human, it is also said to be the reason why God created Eve so that Adam wouldn’t be lonely.

Communicating and connecting with others is part of your everyday life, but it does not mean that every day you have to focus on them and how your day will work with them.

Especially some women feel they must be with someone every time, because if they aren’t, they will feel lonely. Perhaps what you don’t know is that it might really be nice for you to have all the time without having to think about sharing it with anyone.

Traveling By Yourself

One of the easiest ways to be on your own is on your own path. This is because you know that people can not easily get to you. You will enjoy yourself and unwind in this way. You can not make, execute or cancel something by traveling alone you don’t have to think about another people’s schedule.

It’s all up to you, no stress about other people having to do it the other times. This will be a great chance for you to get to know yourself more by figuring out how to deal with your own desires and needs without having to rely on others’ opinion about you.

You’ll be able to do the things you have always wanted to try, whenever you want, without having to check if other people want it to. Being able to focus on your interests as well as doing them as you go is such a great privilege.

Freedom is something that everyone must have, but unfortunately it starts inside themselves and most people feel like they don’t because if they do, they’re selfless. Taking a look at the needs and expectations of someone else will soon have an effect on how you live your life.

According to a Californian therapist, it will allow you to inspire yourself more to explorate yourself in another place by travel. It gives you the freedom to surf your life and change it as you please. To certain people it is something that must be considered an accomplishment to have the confidence to fly alone because not everyone can. This gives you the feeling of pride and confidence.

Traveling alone will also give you chances to practice self-care and self-worth as it allows you to better yourself and to realize your shortcomings without being told what they are.

Experiencing different activities by yourself would also help you discover what your fears are and if you could find the courage to conquer them. However, the fact that it can’t always be safe to travel alone, be sure to let someone know where you are headed and also when will you come back. That way someone actually knows where you are and how you are doing.

Parenting Advisory

Also, if traveling overseas, the Department of State actually recommends that you must be aware and try to be close to your embassy at all times, that way when something happens, you can always go there for help.

Importance of Alone Time

Experts say that traveling is not the only thing that you could do to have some alone time. Some people opts to relax and just stay indoors by themselves. The relaxation will definitely easy your mind and help you make better decisions. People tend to create noise and it would then be quite irritating for most people since noise could give you a hard time focusing and it is not exactly something that could be coordinated with the word peace.

The brain does know that having company is good for the mind and body, but knowing that you’re alone can give you the freedom to do what you want, when you want it. Not everyone gets a chance to have time for themselves, but it is always an option you can make. Some people say they are too busy, but they could always set their priorities right and put themselves into it.

What should all couples do before they get pregnant?


I still knew I wanted children, but I wasn’t in a hurry either to change my wonderful world. Personally, I feel like I could have waited a couple more years to introduce our beautiful little boy to our family, however, my husband is eight yrs older than I am and I don’t want to be an “old dad.” Which I had absolutely, so I felt ready enough to go for it. I’m saying “good enough” because who’s really ready? Getting my son was still my most amazing adventure, don’t get me wrong, but it was also my most daunting endeavor.

You only have to worry about it before children. Life may not always be easy, of course, but you are getting more sleep, more freedom, more time and more money! Before my hubby, here are the things that I think were important to me, and I grew up with our parents. I wonder if you’re going to agree?


This one is so simple, and you’re likely going to feel bad about listening to your friends and family and everybody else’s saying it, but honestly, it’s not like this and was only starting to sleep through the night. In case I jinx it and wake up once or several times a night again, I’m almost afraid to write this. Unless I’m resting, I’m not my best self, so let’s just agree that I haven’t been my strongest for a while…

Store Prepared Food

When your baby arrives, your time will be minimal, so save your cereal dinner for the potential future.

Take photos of you and your husband

After the kid is here, all eyes on them are shuttered. You’re probably going to get a few of you together, but photos of just the two of you are going to become a thing of the past. Enjoy the well-rested light while you’ve got it!

For fun, read books

Once you have a son, you would lose time and energy to learn something for the sheer enjoyment of it. Most of the reading will be Doctor Google’s search results for eating, fart, cry, etc.

Make your hair beautiful

Do you always like to see what a redhead is like? Dye your hair every wild, provocative color you want it now, and dye it as close to normal as you can before you’re able to conceive. Coloring your hair during pregnancy is not the safest thing ever, so it’s easier to get back to what your mother gave you.

Take a vacation

Just take a holiday with your hubby, your daughters. Once you have children, a holiday is not a holiday and you have them to you. It’s a ride. They’re fun, of course, but they need planning and some commitment as well.

Skydive / Adventure

Sure, maybe it’s not your thing to fall out of a perfectly good airplane. Try and do something else that is daring and a little dangerous. Once you’ve got children, you’re just going to be a little more concerned about something happening to you, because God forbid, what would your baby kid do without you? Take the opportunity now.


Take your time dressing up, brushing your nails, putting on some lipstick, and going to concerts, hanging around and have some drink and enjoying with friends, or whatever activity or event makes you happy and calm because you’re not going to have a chance to do it for a while. So, a little before you’re willing to start trying, both mom and dad can slow down on your drinking so that you’re your healthiest self. Cheers!

Let’s make a restaurant checklist

Are there places you needed to get to in your neighborhood/city, but haven’t tried yet? Are you looking for some fancy place to splurge on? Locations you enjoy dining? Make a checklist with all of them and enjoy your eating while the two of you are the only ones. We eat out quite often with the boy, and it’s normally pretty good. So usually one of you feeds a little longer than the other, you feed during the dinner, there’s a whole host of things that can happen, so enjoy your meals when you have time.


Brunch always occurs when you’re a mother at nap time. If you can get it off the door in the Am, you must be the first breakfast bird. Sleep in, take your time to taste your hot meal and drink your mimosa or bloody marys as much as you can.

Drink coffee

Now, while it is still hot, enjoy it. You’re going to get busy and distracted and for a while, you’re not likely to enjoy a hot, un microwaved cup of coffee in peace. Sometimes my change was to put ice in my hot cup and name it iced coffee. Sometimes, before you marry, you’ll want to cut back on caffeine. Some doctors agree that once pregnant, you can still have a cup a day, but I was just moving forward and made the move to decaf. The cycle of decaffeinating Swiss Water is supposedly the best option for the bean and for you, so if you decide to make the switch too, I would advise that you look for it.

Get in shape

Because of your pregnancy, you’re going to want to be the healthiest. Whether it’s just your diet you need to get in line, an exercise routine you need to develop, or maybe you’re someone who works like crazy and doesn’t eat themselves enough; assess your food and workout options and make any necessary adjustments now.

Look for your meditation

Take yoga class, watch a film, time spends at a spa or other quiet place where you can not bring your baby to make you very happy. Soak the tranquility and harmony. If things get overwhelming with baby, you’ll need some coping mechanisms, so really enjoy the feeling of comfort that you notice when you’re in your happy places and tries to take those feelings along with you. Action going emotionally out there when something unpleasant pops up at work so you can put your new skills into action at 4 am when the baby is crying again and you’re tired.

Start saving

I know that this may contradict my previous advice, but life is about equilibrium, right? If you don’t have one, it’s time to create a plan now. One that lets you potentially dine out and enjoy a weekend, but babies are also costly. But you don’t want to end up with a new kid and a mortgage mountain; the mix throws through the roof your stress levels. Test Mint for a free account and set up it. You will monitor your spending and decide how much you can save and where to cut back.

Shift if…

Move or stay in place. Only try your best to live in a house in which you are comfortable with your family. You’re going to want to bring a baby to a comfortable space, not one in which you don’t feel at ease. Even if it’s not your dream home, do things to make it as hot as possible, and when you’re there you’ll feel happy.

Finish up projects

Whether it’s a home remodeling, landscaping, having your real estate license, creating your wedding album, completing a race; whatever life’s bits and bobs or goals you want to achieve, get them accomplished now while time and energy are already on your hand.

Enjoy the company of your partner

Once the baby arrives, the relationship will change. I’m not suggesting it’s just different for the worse. Try to absorb the company of each other while the house is calm and your attention is undivided.

Visit These European Islands on a Budget


Europe is a place that every traveler dreams to visit.  Many countries from the continent are on their bucket list for spots they want to go see.  Nonetheless, traveling to Europe also poses a huge challenge, since it usually entails the need to have a huge budget to make it possible.  Travelers are often tempted to splurge, wanting to have the best time in visiting the region – they want to see the most famous tourist spots in the world, stay in luxurious hotels, and try on different cuisines.  If you see a popular restaurant on the continent that you know you had that one opportunity of visiting, wouldn’t you want to eat there even if it means spending more than your budget?

So many people who love to travel skip on going to Europe, because of a limited budget.  But did you know that even if you want to stick to a low travel budget, you can still visit beautiful places in the famous continent?  Aside from zoning out the need to spend more than you intend to, there are actual places in Europe you can enjoy on a budget.

London (England)

Yes, we know, you might be thinking that we are out of our minds suggesting London, England as a budget traveler destination, especially when you consider the worth of the pound versus the dollar.  However, the trick of budget-visiting London is simple – stay in budget-friendly hotels or inns (definitely not the Savoy), while enjoying British delicacies along with the famous street market of London.  As for places to visit, you can check out Britain’s history through London’s numerous museums with free entrances, such as the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Natural History Museum.  You can also enjoy outdoor attractions like Hampstead Heath, and see the Buckingham Palace from outside – you might even catch a glance of Britain’s royal family out on a rare outing.

Palermo, Sicily (Italy)

When the country of Italy is mentioned, the places that instantly come to mind are Rome, Venice, and Florence.  Since they are popular, tourists flock to them, therefore catapulting hotels and other destination prices to very high prices.  But there are other beautiful places to visit in Italy that are friendlier to tourist pockets, like Sicily, specifically it’s the capital city of Palermo.  Aside from more affordable hotels and restaurants, it’s one of the best places to truly ‘experience’ Italy, since it reflects the Italy of the past, not a modernized version of it.  There are street foods you can enjoy with very affordable prices, as well as old churches and other architectural wonders to visit and be in awe of, such as the Palazzo dei Normanni, Palazzo Chiaramonte, the Catacombe dei Cappuccini, Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo Cathedral, and many more.

The Peloponnese Island (Greece)

The go-to places to visit in the country of Greece are Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos.  But if you are on a budget and want to enjoy the beautiful country, the place to head to is Peloponnese.  Located in the southern part of Greece, the peninsula boasts of stunning beaches, most of which are untouched, while some are not that developed like those in other regions in the country.  Think of your trip as somewhat educational, because aside from taking a dip in the crystal clear blue waters of the Peloponnese beaches, you can also visit the palace of Agamemnon at Mycenae, as well as the palace of Nestor Pýlos, the Olympia sanctuary (the sight of the Panhellenic games), and the famous Greek theaters in Epidaurus.

Porto (Portugal)

Want to visit Portugal but for a limited cost?  No problem, because instead of Lisbon you can explore the city of Porto.  The country is known for its relaxing vibe and the best place to feel that is in Porto, the one not crammed with so many tourists.  Some of the things you can do are just find a nice and affordable restaurant, drink some port wine, and enjoy the stunning view of the Rio Douro – you can take pleasure in the same view by simply walking along the Dom Luís I Bridge (no expense needed for that).  If wine is what you traveled to Portugal for, there are wine lodges you can choose from at the Vila Nova de Gaia.  There are also historical spots to visit in Porto, such as the São Bento Railway Station, the UNESCO World Heritage Ribeira District, and the Porto Cathedral.

No Birth Control? No Alcohol, Says CDC

Listen 3 minutes

The advice from the CDC and Prevention has created quite a stir to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome.

The CDC reports that about 3 million mothers “are at risk of harming their developing child to drugs. If you drink, you are sexually active and do not use pregnancy birth controls.”

Roughly half of all abortions are unplanned and about three of four women are unplanned. The CDC report issued on Tuesday states that ‘Whoever wants to become pregnant as soon as possible will never stop drinking alcohol until it has avoided birth control.’

The CDC now advises women to stop getting drunk. If they are trying to get pregnant or not having sex with birth control. That’s right, don’t drink.

In fact, the CDC also pointed out that alcohol can make a woman more vulnerable to injury or violence. As well as sexually transmitted diseases. But many observers pointed out that no articles warned people that drinking could lead to violent actions and STDs.

Emily Oster, an economist from Brown University, said: “That’s a very extreme manner [CDC] said. Who has written a book about women’s worrying advice in pregnancy sometimes?

Oster says the CDC wants to send an important message. There is no question that some women do not care about the effects of drinking. During the early weeks of pregnancy. When they may not even know that they are pregnant.

Yet Oster claims, given the tone and judgment mixed into the wording, it touched a nerve.

The backlash has rekindled the debate over whether during childbirth any amount of alcohol is healthy.

Tuesday, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a statement pointing to its policy recommending that women abstain completely from alcohol during pregnancy.

But this does not mean that it is harmful to have a few drinks in the early weeks of pregnancy — before a woman realizes that she is pregnant.

“There have been 30 years of practice,” says OB-GYN and Hal Lawrence, CEO of ACOG. He says that before they knew that they were pregnant women would have a glass of wine or two, “Whenever they are, you can assure them that it isn’t a problem.

Yet Lawrence says the best recommendation is to completely avoid drinking during delivery. “Exposure to alcohol in any of the [ pregnancy ] trimesters can affect … the fetus.”

The CDC now seems to extend this advice to consider getting pregnant as well.

“We also encourage women and their partners and friends to support this idea: I won’t drink for a while because I’m thinking about getting pregnant,” Anne Schuchat of the CDC said during a conference announcing the new guidelines.

How to Discipline Your Child With Natural Consequences


Think about the inevitable consequences of your own actions and stop power struggles that can come with penalties from old school without being the bad man.

When I was a child, discipline meant that when I misconducted, my parents revoked my favorite privileges. Hit my brother ?- Hit my brother? A week’s no Internet. Have my jobs not been done? Forget about the mall ride. This method reigned not only in my house but in everybody else’s home it was the MO I knew.

While this classic disciplined approach can help children cooperate in the short term and, research has now demonstrated that this is not the best way to teach lifelong classes. Jane, the creator of the Positive Discipline series, says: “Children don’t grow when they feel threatened. The child may be able to meet the expectations because he is worried that what will happen if it doesn’t–instead of doing the right thing and the wrong thing.

Experts urge us nowadays to empower our children to feel what they call the normal consequences of their actions. If your child decides to wear his Jacket, need him to be cold — and the next time he’s probably not going to fight. Further participation for adults is logical consequences, but it is also related to misconduct: if your child runs into the middle of the road, he will hold his hand for the remainder of your trip. That link helps your child learn the consequences of his acts and understand them.

Sounds simple, right? Sounds simple? I was worried too — before my children did something that seemed to have no natural effect. What were the real results of my daughter 30 times before she did her job in the world? Or does my son refuse to go to daycare on a hot day except for his birthday suit? The truth is, every time the trick can not do ideal corrective consequences. But in more cases, than I expected, they are going to be effective. Practice these suggestions now and in the future for better behavior.


This will most probably lead to a helpful lesson if it is linked, respectful and fair.


The opposite of random is necessarily connected. So if your baby does a mess, it should have the effect of being cleaned up (not being able to play on your iPad).


The result does not require embarrassment or humiliation. Respectful means. “Even when he does something wrong, your child feels bad,” says Dr. Nabila. “When you say,” I told you so, “or if you taunt him later, you’re going to lower the learning capacity because he’s about to stop working and concentrate on guilt.”

Once seven-year-old Vander Harrelson, of Ferndale, Indiana, wanted to bring the city Library party with his favorite superhero ski mask, his stepmother, Amanda Hanlin, thought it was a bad idea. He just said,’ Take no thought. I’ll take care of this.’ “Vander put in the mask— and it lost.” Oh! I knew it was warm outside and it wouldn’t be kept by either his father or me if he got hot. “To say,’ I told you not to put the mask on!’ was hesitant!” admits Hanlin. “He knew he’d made a mistake and was very sad, however, I could see.”

Rather, she and his father encouraged him to pursue his steps. If the mask did not turn up, they decided that another day he would be taken to the shop so that they could use his money to pay for a replacement. They helped Vander to gain valuable experience of being responsible for his decisions — and his choices by keeping calm and selecting their words.


Reasonable means that a result of your child’s age and know-how must be a duty that is proportionate to its wrongdoing. Instead of resenting her it will help her focus on what she did. Do not expect her to push yourself through the floor if her 3-year-old is knocking over a carton of milk. Wipe the spill together instead. When she refuses to take the hand up and physically makes the gesture, she advises the founder of The Self-Aware Parent, Fran Walfish, Psy. D.

When she cries uncontrollably, after at least a small part of the mess is washed, you should keep her in your lap. If she stops crying and her muscles relax, thank her for the fact that she can calm down and move forward.

Instead of breakdown, an older kid can tell you about stuff but avoid the urge to get mad. You can help disfigure claims by defining an outcome earlier (I have found a lot of rubber clothes around the house–please put clothes in the trash, or the result is no longer rubber).

Help her brainstorm ideas for a dilemma she has run across herself if advance warning is not necessary. You may say, for example, “You are must be frustrated that you’ve forgotten your project that’s due tomorrow, You want to go to purchase supplies, I understand, but it’s too late, and I don’t want to.

Connect natural implications to tasks

If your child did something he should not have done it, natural consequences are quite clear. My kids didn’t do things they ought to (like chores) and their natural consequences (a messy house) wouldn’t be facing them. While I was tempted like my mother to take TV, I wanted a little maturity in my approach.

“The link between the task and the TV watch is not clear,” Madelyn Swift, creator of the Discipline for Life: Getting It Correct With Kids, says, “Is there no tv whenever your child says,’ When you do not sort your laundry?’ it’s punishment. However, the expression “If you don’t…” sounds like a threat, so he will think it’s worth making him pay not to do what you have requested. Nonetheless, by removing a “When You” structure, you can turn it into a logical consequence: “Once you finish the laundry sorting, you can watch your show.”

In doing so, you articulate the idea that your children probably want to live on: do what you have to do before you do what you want. The child will end up missing his favorite night show–and not speak to his buddies the next morning–but when the chore is over, he may experience the inevitable effect of having some more fun because he doesn’t have a chore.

Frame Privilege as a Reward

The right is another term that should be stressed. The mother of five children from 4 months to 10 years old, Amy Kertesz, in Palmetto Bay, Florida, says that “our family rule is that all toys should be placed wherever they are, by the end of the day. Every toy left lying around is a garbage feed bowl.” “My children know that if they’re not responsible for their belongings, they lose the privilege of being able to. Just my 3 years old fails. Instead of just throwing it away, I’ll ask him to put it away.

You might place the toys on a high shelf or in a box in another room if you would like to be less difficult to play and return them when your child shows he is cleaning his other toys.

This is not only beneficial for material rights but also for non-tangible ones: If your kid is unable to take on a responsible role, he lacks the chance of playing with his siblings. He won’t have the right to be spoken to when he doesn’t speak to you politely. Nonetheless, rather than telling him, “Don’t dare you to speak to me like that,” politely tell, “I’ll be happy to speak about it that when you can talk about it politely.

And this is just as powerful technique when your child is doing something correctly. I told him there was not enough time when my6-year-old asked him whether he was allowed to play a videogame 10 minutes before we had to pick up his sister from school. And I decided to offer him an opportunity — and I mentioned that if he followed the end of the deal, I would let him do it He said he would quit as soon as we left.

Tell the Truth

The easiest approach is often overlooked by parents: tell the truth. For instance, if your kid was misbehaving all day and asks, “Do we go out for hot chocolate tonight?.” “You know, I don’t feel like taking you out for hot chocolate, after your behavior today.” The lesson? When you wrong men, it is not likely that they will go ahead.

Have a Back-Up Plan

There will be times when this strategy doesn’t work even with those thumb laws. It’s not going to work if your child thinks the outcome is not a big deal that thinks tooth decay because he doesn’t want to brush his teeth or if he does it to hurt someone (You can not let them see how someone else feels like throwing a rock). And it typically makes no sense to try for a logical consequence when you’re quick to get there, like when my kid refused to wear clothes before the day’s night.

In reality, Madelyn Swift, a psychologist, advises that you should not always look too hard. “If the outcome isn’t clear, it’s probably not a good one.” Conflict solving and referral to the right treatment for your small boys, as well as to family meetings for children aged 4 and over, are a few examples of approaches that can help if the results are ineffective. “This is only one tool in your toolbox for control,” Swift says. “Every builder needs a hammer, but he will require other means of building a house.”